cooldownfor joiners after war starts

you ever notice that it shows 60 hr cooldown is over …when its not…looks like they can be champed…another flail from flare…it gets players kicked sometimes…or am i crazy…nope dont think im crazy

I didn’t get you.  :wacko:

Basically Players can be on cool down from the war for changing alliances part way through (60 hours or whatever it is now). But even though they can’t fight, they could still potentially have a champion status applied to them, therefore completely wasting it.

yes so with champ staus not greyed out leader cant tell when they can fight…many players want to kick that person then

I see. Yes, they should fix this in the next update. At least it allows the team to see whether the player is lying or not.

did you ask the question is there going to be a next update

I know there will be a new update sooner or later.  :lol:

did FG tell you this

That was said in sarcasm.  :stuck_out_tongue:


What is the cool down period if someone changes allies during a war? We had someone just join us and it seemed like approximately 48 hours. But I remember from previous seasons some being able to hit in the next round.

if they have not fought for another clan in that war season its 24 hours…if they have fought for another clan its 60 hours…i beleive

In an alliance Gypsyrose , Alliance…    clan is another game   :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, if you didn’t fight for another alliance during the season, you can’t fight in wars already in progress, wars that are declared after joining you can raid.

If you did raid in another alliance the cooldown is 60 hours. I switched between my two alliances (did fight first day) this season and experienced it by myself. Two other members could fight in wars that were declared after they joined, since they didn’t fight elsewhere.

Thanks Gypsy and Dena for straightening this out. I had been under the impression that all could hit the next day after joining. 

That’s a trick to fool new war matchmaking. If you have some very strong players who can be online when war season starts, let them wait outside and rejoin after season has been declared. Wait with declaring a war until those members rejoined.

Here some possible outcomes of doing this:

  • Match maker calculates season based on some conditions, including fiefdoms, players strength and so on. It doesn’t hold reckon with players rejoining.
    • Your map will get easier with less players part of the alliance if you leave strongest members out.
  • Worst case scenario is that all your current fiefdoms are under attack.
    • The players joining can’t fight in wars already declared.
    • You could lose those three, but… your own war you should win with the players rejoining.
    • I bet your team is strongest on the map after players rejoining if no other team does the same.
    • You lose the first three wars that already are declared probably. Nothing to worry, fight as good as you can to get a descent loser bonus. The next war you declare you have a huge bonus already. Next wars you declare will be won with the extra members plus loser bonus.
  • Normal scenario is that only one or two fiefdoms are under attack.
    • Same scenario as worst scenario, you only have less loser bonus and more fiefdoms in the end.
  • Fortunate scenario is that no war has been declared
    • The players can fight in all wars
    • Normaly you should be able to win quite a few with those extra and strong players

You can make the loser bonus more big by deliberately starting first war as fast as  possible to get an even bigger loser bonus. You lose that fight for sure, but as long as you declare a new war before you lost all fiefdoms it’s alright. Only… you are only guaranteed to get 4+ fiefdoms fiefdoms that way. So I suggest to wait with declaring war.

Craziest will be that more alliances will use the same strategy when the have been in such a situation. Fun part is then that nobody knows the outcome. The most absurd situation would be that you leave only 8 very low second accounts inside the team and as soon as the season starts, wait to declare war and replace them all by very strong players ( a complete team could even rejoin). All wars already declared against you will be lost, since nobody can fight (and so you can’t get a loser bonus). But… The match making system holds reckon with the fact that those original players must be able to win at least some fights. So you will face not all to strong opponents.

The war you declare will be won for sure if you wait until enough players joined to win the first war 100%. Don’t wait too long, you want to declare 5 wars in total. This way you certain end with 5+ fiefdoms and if not all fiefdoms of you are under attack you can get even more. Focus on the strongest teams on the map and beat them. War boosts guaranteed.

Yeah, this is a way to turn things in our favour. Flare should keep a flat 2-3 day cooldown for anyone joining between a war season irrespective of they having fought for other alliance or not to prevent this & make war fair. By the way, nice detailed explanation.

You are welcome. I would not allow to fight new players during a season that is already in progress. Manipulations that have impact to the outcome of the season should be not permitted.

Now teams with multiple alliances can check which of their teams have an impossible season and go to help other alliances to beat other teams. This should be impossible.

Flare must look into this issue to stop manipulating war results like they did on the member drop. I feel a flat 60 hrs cooldown is an option that can be implemented.

but someone join my alliance and when the first attack finish in war he got to fight in the next attack, that means that the cooldown did not finish