cooldownfor joiners after war starts

I’d suggest more nuanced solution - apply such cooldown only to players who were in this alliance before. This way we prevent that trick “quit before season and quickly join when season starts”.

If a player never was in the alliance - then it’s just regular, normal recruiting; so let’s not punish them.

BTW, I’d set cooldown for former alliance members to 73 hours. It means they can fight only for 47 hours - i.e. only in 2 last war rounds.

(war length = 23.5 hours).

This means he did not fight in another team yet. Wars in progress can’t be fought, but there is no cooldown penalty for him. So that’s why he could fight newly declared wars.

This is a good suggestion but not enough to stop the problem. What people will do is, they leave their alliance & join another alliance. Leave that & re-join your alliance. I don’t think the server will be able to restrict former members. In fact the ones joining mid-war should have cooldown whether they were in the alliance or not.

Why that difficult?

At start of war season members that are part of that alliance can fight, other players not. No cooldown required. New members should not be able to fight at all. Matchmaking algorithm didn’t hold reckon with them.

Members that temporary leave also should not be able to fight any longer. There is no excuse for leaving, you manipulate the war season. When you for example lose a lot of skulls due to your bad designed base, you could leave at the beginning of a war and come back at the end. This way you can manipulate outcome of a war, so that’s why I think also these players should no longer be able to fight and their punishment is no chests as reward.

To make players loyal, only reward players that were members during the entire war season and did help by scoring skulls in major part (max skip one or two wars) of wars (at least 3 raids against three different players per war) with war boosts. Jumping for war boosts would be futile this way.

My idea was to apply cooldown to players who were in alliance any time in the past. Therefore join-other-alliance-and-later-come-back-to-original-alliance trick wouldn’t save them from cooldown punishment.

But I don’t think the system will be able to catch that.

Flare would have to make a log to accomplish this. Just make the rule as simple as possible, like I described before. Only players members active (so inactive players who become active again also should be excluded) at start of season (leaving and rejoining also means no fights permitted) are allowed to fight.

This rule is simple and everyone knows the consequences of leaving a team, no war boosts for you. You would be surprised how loyal some jumpers become suddenly.

  1. I don’t think it would be too difficult for Flare. I’m a programmer myself (although not a game programmer but this is not game-play issue) and I think probably Flare keeps the full history.

  2. Yes, simplicity is an advantage. But your idea means no recruiting during war season or at least no profit from such recruiting. It just seems too harsh.

I know its harsh on the who are willing to join a new alliance & being loyal but they can join after war. I feel the 60 hr. cooldown is fair enough. If the cooldown wasn’t applicable on new members, it could change the result of wars. For eg. Alliance X has 10/20 members & war starts. They bring in 8 totally new members. Suddenly, Alliance X is strongest. So cooldown must be applied. I don’t think Flare keeps the full history because we can only view recent wars. As far as the leaving-rejoining trick is concerned, I feel a cooldown must be applied on any player joining mid-way. To penalise the jumpers, if you leave alliance during war, you can’t join another alliance for 60 hours! Automatically, those jumpers will be more serious.

I am a developer also and know it won’t be hard to implement, but that’s not the point. By keeping rules simple everybody knows why a player can’t fight during season at all and there is no way to abuse these rules into your advantage. It’s not only your alliance that knows it, also teams on same map and they don’t have any clue whether or not players joining a team are in a cooldown or not.

You want to solve the problem of influencing the outcome of war seasons, no more no less. Now players that wait outside and (re)join after start of the season do exactly the thing you want to prevent and they can fight as soon as a new war is started. Sure, they could be also given a cooldown. Players who fought elsewhere also get the 60 hours cooldown, they literally jumped so should be punished harder.

That’s an interesting one indeed. We have two teams and team A had no chance in winning the season at all. Quite a few members did already fight in team A and when Team B (enough free spots left) told us they needed help against a team that had more members, we just went over to help team B. We had a penalty of 60 hours and lost one fight against the stronger team that was already in progress. Problem for that team was that they didn’t know how many players were in a cooldown, so since we suddenly had more and much stronger players than them, they hesitated and did declare war to another alliance.

Big mistake (not their fault), since they could not know if and how many players were in a cooldown. When the rules would have been as simple as I suggested, there would be no doubt, we wouldn’t be able to influence the result. Now the other alliances didn’t know what to expect and logically they didn’t raid us. We definitely influenced to outcome of the season.

We knew cooldown time of a lot of members and knew when to declare war. We declared war on the leading team and beated them twice without any sweat.

Fair? Nope, allowed by the rules, yes. We literally changed the outcome of the season. And that should be prevented. A cooldown doesn’t prevent it, so new players should not be able to participate at all.