Copy & Paste In Chat

Hi Players & Devs,

Please add copy and Paste in chat!

Here is why?

For example,if someone speaks chinese won’t understand so i can copy it to google translate and copy the translation reply back.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Once again, there is another topic that has already been created about this issue. Though, if the in-game translation is not a possible feature, I’d like to see the possibility of copy and paste

We already agreed this is interesting and we sure know the chat is not the best and needs some work. Thank you for your suggestion. Moving this to interesting ideas.

On a android device it still works when you use a keyboard APP,  like go keyboard… On Windows 10 use strg+v to insert… This system is not perfect,  but helps… ? Sorry i get no Apple device. ?

I can finally move this to implemented! I am so happy!! :slight_smile: