Corrosion Casters: Wow! So Fast!

Testing this new war boost Corrosion Casters. Holy wow they as fast as a wolf!

Im interested to hear peoples thaughts on this boost. plus the troop/spell combo they use with it. They seem to pear well the other war boost this season (range/power arch), givin the limited range of CC itself. Defenive wise as well if youve tried that.

What do you guys think?

***Also, ive heard reports of this boost bugging the mort to zero hp! (if this is a wide spread issue it is perhaps worthy of its own thread in bug reports but IDK)

Yeah I have corossion casters with zero hp. If others are enjoying it as a blessing and a few of those for whom its a curse as 0 hp we need compensation. Please look into this matter for help thank u.

I honestly prefer Putrid Prowlers rather than this Corrosion Casters but it’s only my opinion =)


Agreed…  alot more fun using those 

Corrosion Caster are my favourite war boost till now :slight_smile:

They looks like a go-kart  :lol:

I like that Flare is giving a more visual indication of the boost, even if it’s just scaling the Sprite, hopefully it paves the way for giant ogres and micro knights.  Some of the boosts deserve a bit of a visual flourish, e.g. UBERBlasters, or _turbo_Paladins