Corruption Spell/Scroll

In real life every where corruption is on going. There is no stop for it. So, Why not it be in Game too?

Corruption Spell/Scroll

With the use of this we can corrupt all the units in range and be friendly while destroying their castle,

That’s the New Blackmagic Spell albeit they just added a twist.

Surprisingly I completely agree with Maerique here. That Corruption thing is exactly the same as Black Magic.

black magic is limited to moracle… Bt. This spell/ scroll will corrupt the whole army… Even the dragons…

Then it’s non-sense to create this idea as it’s overpowered and will make offense very easy.

Yeah too much OP, just think if i do a combo of Black Magic and this spell, the waves just have no sense to exist since i can just make them allies with me lol

Corruption is not an instant process, it takes time to develop and be effective. So a spell for it is useless. On the other hand, having a spy report on the power of the opposition and then using gold/pearls to corrupt the opposition troops (one of the defending troop at a time is a strategy) depending on the morale is something different. Again, the process involves new code writing, which will be difficult.

corruption spell/scroll has the power to drag down the top android players, who is laughing at the lower level player? basically windows… With this spell/scroll the battle between windows and android in league will become toe-to-toe. Those who made record will be broken every day… A windows user can also set record in the league…

its not a spell or scroll that gonna change just in a click by magic the change in league. Windows PC users are doom and we cannot win Diamond league we don’t have enough foods to compete with Android player. If you want to win in Diamond league you need like 2,000 vouchers,a lot of player who give you 1,000 medals and maybe a ton of gems,etc…in other word is ironic you must buy and waste gems to gain gems

Wyhy will it help Windows users? Updates are for everyone, so Android players should be able to seize this ideda too, if not then it would be very unfair against Android users not only for leagues, for everything in the game (raiding, wars…) as they will have OP offense.

I don’t know how a new spell could help only a determinate group of users (windows players) more than other types of users (android or ios) lol

A spell is for everyone, also every spell or troop or tower or whatever you create, it must be considered from low to high level players, a low level player won’t have any boost for sure so it’s a spell wasted for low level players.

  • you are right opelle… It’s a spell/scroll wasted for low level players… That’s what the whole point of this spell/scroll to be so corrupted… A mere low level player busting the high level player defence… It’s that exciting, when your defence is busted by just a starter… I can just imagine how your face will turn when your tropies just gets dropped by 50%… Because your were raid by the lower level… And none will stand in anyone’s way of victory… Everyone will win… Complete equality… :wink:

This makes no sense.

Doesn’t surely look fun if i would be busted by a low lvl player make me feel i wasted my months on upgrading my base for nothing…

I think a new spell should be introduced.

The lightning spell.

It only does lightning damage similar to a lightning tower but the hero can use more than three times.

Also a new troop with lightning damage should be introduced like a wizard or a troop with lightning as weakness should be introduced.

This will make the new lightning tower useful as no unit have lightning as weakness now.

I think its power should depend how far you are into the base. Its normal for soldiers to defect if they are losing so at 50% then half should defect etc.

we need lightning :zap: perk to resistance lighting damage…