Cost benefit analysis

We are considering to upgrade our alliance but it seems that as the alliance level goes up, so do the costs of prolonging divine blessings. We currently have 7 blessings prolonged to 3 weeks time, but if we upgrade the alliance it seems like it gets more expensive to upgrade the existing blessings. 

is there a site which details the costs and details of divine blessings so we can know what we are getting into by upgrading alliance?

sure, if we add more members, we get more donations, but I fear it is not so linear… looking to make a cost breakdown to determine the right time for our alliance to upgrade. Any insights you can share are appreciated.


You discovered the dirty secret!

@dumpster that’s not really a helpful answer :grinning:   I think @Shezra your question is reasonable and a good one - is there somewhere that lists this information?  I have not been able to find it anywhere?

That’s the other dirty secret! 

transparency towards its customers seems to be not important for flaregames

@MarcusozInception @Shezra long story short there are such lists made by some players, yet they are not readily available to the public. IDK if the owners of those lists would ever want to publish them, but I kinda hope they will at some point. For now, there isnt any official information on that. Judging from my experience, you can safely assume the cost doubles every buff level. This should give you some kind of estimate

It is the job of the players to discover and populate game-related information. Thats a paraphrased quote. Obviously we have an advantage of our friendly cyclop sharing information, but the general policy stands still.

the presence of Captain Morgan is very important and is a great help as a reminder that it was alysea

A lot of other games do the information sharing thing a lot better than OR. I think it’s a valid criticism.

And I appreciate that the information changes frequently sometimes, and translating to many languages is a hurdle. Other games face these issues as well, and do a better job of it.

I know of a few people who have such kind of lists but they do not give it out freely.

Would be nice to know your current alliance level too, to give some insights :grinning: