Cost of a lvl 3 Tower in Conquest

Hi ! 

Does anyone know how much gold cost a tower 3 in the conquest mode ? 

Lvl 2 cost 9000 stone, 4x 2250 from lvl 1. So, I think tower 3 should be 36000 stone… ???

Thanks ! :slight_smile:  

Here in my tiers the price tower level 1 is 1500 and level 2 is 6000 (don’t know about level 3 yet), meanwhile my alliance can only stored 8k+ stones, so we probably can only build max to level 2.

Based on my investigation, this price based on tiers alone, not level alliance headquarters. (Note: we (level 4) matched with 3 alliance that all have level 5 alliance headquarters atm)

As I stated in my topic, the price things in conquest should be adjusted with alliance capability (based on alliance headquarters level) just like the price of normal elite boost each alliance that different based on alliance levels. That’s make things rather fair, and all alliance can play to the fullest.