Flaregames please decrease the cost of upgrading the waves.are you kidding me,it requires 3million to increase morale points from 22 to 24 and that also in 4 days!!!

What the heck is wrong with you,if you can’t decrease the cost atleast increase the morale points with each upgrade.instead of increasing you are decreasing it.

If it requires 3million now I can imagine what it gonna cost in near future for further upgradation.

You are doing modifications in each and every part of the game but not doing anything in two most important areas of the game I.e farm level and waves cost.

We play this game for entertainment and most of us are not hardcore gamers,so please do something for us also and make few things simple…

Agree completely with You!


I think 3 million, it is quite cheap :slight_smile:

This was a topic i started about this problem still a problem… i have recently spent and done 5M for wave with 28 morale points and i’m proud to upgrade it a bit a time, but not at all, due to only +2 each upgrades…

However 3M is nothing, the problems come when you have to spend 5M and over for only +2 morale points, while you can spend 5M for a tower level which makes you more happy than only 2 points ^_^




  1. With Gold Boost and Alliance Gold Bonus, gold is no more a problem, also per raid you can make over 500K of gold that making common thing;

  2. Keep calm and if you are not able to spend all these gold on a single wave, try to feed the other waves that maybe cost at you less than 3M; 

  3. If you have, so, already all waves at 22 morale points, you really need to have calm and time !

  4. Have all waves with 40 morale points take over one year (calculated) so, it’s very useful if you start to upgrade one as soon as you finished another !

  5. Spend gems and the problem is gone…

You dint have to pay you just gotta get more and more gold, thats it, also other players did it so why cant you, oh and flare wants it to be a little encourage people to pat

I’m a free player like you, but, i adapt myself to the style of game, so i search every time some solutions that can help both free and non players, this is why i added also the fifth point. 

I have currently around 70% of gold boost (gold items boost + alliance gold boost) my alliance is ranked at 250 around and all of my members grew up my alliance with only gold earned by other opponents and i’m very proud of them, however if some of them give 200k or 500k of plus donations to speed to the “level up” of the alliance well-being… Currently having 70% of gold boost make me, every raid a gold machine maker, and i’m continously search the better equality on a item with both leadership and also gold boost in the meantime, to not lose this strength.

I drop relics => win ratio 9+/10


collected full set of gold-bonus-items


Have a list of often-reach 100%-beatable opponents (on paper!)


Established great alliance :slight_smile:


Results like this:

(you said 3M?)



Ok I have a win ratio of 7/10 because of three reasons:-

1-I do not have a favourite list means I never attack on same person twice untill he is not attackin me many times.

2-I always attack from match maker to try different bases of players around the world.

3-I am playing with two spell slots so currently lacking a defensive spell slot.

Now your every loot can’t be more than a million and definitely you gonna need at leas three days gold sheild to upgrade different things in the game.

As far as alliance is concerned I am the leader of FUNNY PEOPLE alliance and with the help of my awesome players my alliance reached from level 1 to level18 in just two weeks.

I don’t mind paying 3M or even 4M… But 5M for the time it takes to upgrade that particular level…



Effing ridiculous. This game will eventually run out of players, it’s already happening.

Do you want to from the beginning to the end of the game was plain, smooth, and easy?But then lost the concept of “good player”.Who started earlier, he will be stronger than all? I do not agree :slight_smile: I think everything is logical.To make upgrades at high level, it takes time and skill. (Or money)

Absolutely true…even I know some of the players who become inactive due to the long and boring upgrading process of this game and some others are planning to quit.i mean who the hell have time to wait for particular thing to upgrade for one week.i can understand 4 days maximum but one week…really…

Btw you are not getting what i am saying and nor you are going to understand because you are not in this situation but most of the players are.your hero is quite high level and your alliance too but here i am talking about average players who do not want to spend real money in the game and also they are not the part of major alliances,i am one of them.i am not asking much i am just saying to decrease either cost or time for upgrading the waves in which time has more weightage(also for some other things).and if you want this game for top 100 alliances or for 6000 players only,then don’t worry if this continues to happen your wish will soon be full filled.

> Everyone wants to be on top

> People get to the top

> “There’s nothing else to do!”

> Flare adds more to do

> Everyone wants to be on top

> Complains about there being too much to do

Save gems from tournament and dungeon. 3rd Spell Slot is the best upgrade in the game

So you think that I wake up one morning and see that I am high level player? And I am in top alliance. voila


Do not you think that I have spent hundreds of sleepless nights&days, mornings&evenings, just to do this?


That this difference is that you want to facilitate the game. When other persistence achieve goals, optimize their game, collect coins, etc. etc.

Do you want to fight with anyone for fun, not a bit tense, and then sit back and complain about high prices! :unsure:

By the way, keep track time of my messages.

When someone sits and complains about the price, others play hard!After 2 hours I have to be at work …

@mss73-you are not getting anything…do you???..and instead of copy and pasting half my comment just read my full comment…I am talking in general,don’t take it on yourself.

You did not listen to a damn thing!

I WAS an average player, and I went through all of this.

Our alliance has reached level 35 WITHOUT elite boosts. For many weeks without boosts!

And just at that time I was still an average player. Near top 20000-30000

So help from alliance was only some gold bonus. NOT boosts. We learned and grow together. Not complaining! :stuck_out_tongue:

We have switched boosts On for the first time only when the number of players reached 40 (at the time maximum)

And again to turn them off when the number of players in the alliance raised.

What are you telling me and complain? One conclusion - you play for fun, and so will stay an average player.

Or do you think that strong alliances and strong players are taken out of the air? So you sit, you say that all of them are now easily, and you hard. You just want to without making efforts, and playing for fun to become a top player.


I myself still about 7 months to improve all the waves.

So what? You want everyone to quickly cheaply built waves and become equal in strength?