cost to Flare

our team moral has went o nothing , this loss in gold boosts and farm boosts , ya killed us , peeps dont care anymore


I agree. Cost of higher ranking items are 15M to up grade. Treasure chamber wont protect enough to cover the cost of those. You have to set for a long period with high amounts of unprotected gold in the chamber letting everyone hit you castle and loosing lots of gold. I use to play much more but its too hard to play if your maxed out on  all areas of the game.

I know, there is no way for Windows users to boost buildings, at least in Europe. For food there is always the farm gear, I have all 6 and need 17 bread per raid. Of course during war season I don’t use it, I need to wear skull gear at that moment. 

For gold there is an easy solution, dump trophies (1000-1500) minimum (that’s where farm gear becomes handy) after start of ninja event and stay there. Be patient for at least 5 days. Raid only players in your old trophy range, you win no trophies, but gold rewards for them will be much higher after 5 days of waiting at lower trophy range. It’s easy to find opponents giving 500k+ gold per raid (even 1M+ are there). I raid them with my farm gear (triple speed) and exchange my farm ring by diamond ring (or Chloris heal ring if you have that). It’s easy gold. To give you an indication, with alliance and gold bonus, I made an average of 1M per raid.

2 days before ninja event, I start to raise my trophies back to old trophy level. Repeat this pattern (you need farm gear. Just use matchmaker, raid and immediately cancel the raid to dump trophies. You lose a lot of trophies fast this way. Use same matchmaker to raise them again) and you will be fine.

Advantage of dumping trophies is that players nearby won’t be able to beat your base. So your gold is better protected, as a bonus when players from higher ranges raid you, you also lose less gold. So you can leave gold unprotected without worrying too much. Instead of losing 600k per raid, you most likely will lose 150k max per raid, but very often even less than 10k gold. 

I can tell you same story, before dumping trophies strategy I struggled to get gold. What I left behind was robbed for a huge part. I did test at those moments and discovered that the amount of gold you lose depends on the amount of gold you leave behind. For every M extra max 500k is stolen. I also saw others maxing towers, while I needed a 1 or 3 day gold shield to be able to upgrade anything. That for me was the trigger to act.

There is one strategy without trophy dumping. Raid till farms are empty (Silo still full). Leave for 2.5 hours. Some gold is stolen, but intention is to get a higher amount of starting gold. Raid till farms are empty and then activate the free gold shield for three hours, if gold still is not enough. Within 2.5 hours return again and raid till you either reach the gold required or the  silo is empty. Keep some items in reserve for sale and make it this way to 15M. Calculate before you start how much gold you can get by selling items, then you also know what gold you must have in treasure room at least.

I switched to dumping trophies strategy. I follow same strategy, with one difference. My gold per raid is much higher and most time during one session I managed to get 15M gold, by raiding with farm gear. Imagine 50 bread per raid, then you can just raid till farms are empty and will have enough gold for any upgrade. To make it even more interesting for you. Last time a new release came, I had 5 workers. I already had a full treasure chamber and some video chests in reserve, so I did upgrade throne room immediately. After that I did raid in farm gear and was able to start upgrade of 4 other main buildings. I also did start to upgrade a spell and troop (of course some I always use first). It only took some time, bread was no problem with farm gear. I needed less than 90 minutes for all that gold. 

When the first worker was available again, I kept video chests (now that option is not possible for Windows users) aside to get next 15M and did upgrade all main buildings plus research first. When that part was done, I used my workers for defensive structures. I spread my workers a bit, so not all the work was finished on same day. By doing this and keeping a good schedule, I managed to max everything within a month or two. Sure… gold was scarce, I got sometimes 250k+ max gold, but with farm gear that doesn’t matter. Take on easy defenses, this save plenty of time.

Now we need extra raids to compensate the missing chests. 

An extra advice, I made an excel sheet with on it all my towers and defensive structures. I knew exactly how many upgrades I still needed, which structures were upgrading. How much gold was required for next upgrade was important to know, I prepared to have video chests in reserve to start upgrade as  soon as an upgrade was ready. You don’t want to waste time on waiting till gold is available, the gold must be there before the previous upgrade has finished. This was a goal for me, to max every building. When I started I still needed over 100 upgrades. This gave me the discipline to upgrade every building to max. It really helps, since you see constant progress. Especially near the end it starts to motivate you, I can tell you it is a great feeling having it all maxed in the end. 

Not sure I must test it more but the free chest legendary are worst now. Maybe just bad luck but I open 4 this morning and on 4 I got only 1M gold other was pearls. Its ok I love more pearls than gold but still. In the past legendary chest had give 1 Million in each chest. My previous account I have upgrade max all my stuffs with chest only. But now its a real challenge because the free chest don’t give anymore gold (for me). Since I am level 61+ the free chest don’t contain anymore gold. Maximum 400k its horrible

So I guess I will test the trick of Farm Gear. I have 2 at this moment will see if that help. I will forge them a little

Dude how did you get to 17 already? You were around 20 like couple weeks ago. Did you get better farm or are you forging the hell out of them? I am still stuck at 30.

Yep, found a pro farm perk on pauldrons with 17% (was 15.1%) farm gear and a new one on the ring of 15%+. Based on the pro one with 17%, it’s possible to reach even lower values. And no, I don’t forge them, since it’s likely 5 of them can get higher initial values.

For the record, I raid with 5 out of 6 farm gear during non war raids and use 50 bread, I use my diamond ring, it keeps troops alive. Only when I want to dump or gain trophies, I use all 6.

Remember that the higher your hero level, the better initial values new items have when you find them. Forging farm gear only makes sense, when you are close to reducing a bread (when forging your farm gear once, reduces bread by one).

You can calculate that by yourself. You know your current farm percentage in total and you can calculate the percentage for one bread reduction for example 30 in your case. One lower is 29. 220 bread without farm gear is 100%. So (29/220)*100%-> 13.18%, so you need 100%-13.18%=86.82% farm gear for one bread reduction. My percentage is 92.2%, so I am very close to 16, but since every forge increases the percentage by 0.01%, it isn’t a good investment to forge it now.

When forging would mean you reach that higher percentage, it might be worth it. First forge is just 25 pearls, so for 150-300 pearls getting one bread reduction is acceptable.


The pauldrons are my lowest at level 98 and 11.9% with 242 pearl forge for .10 increase. The pro shop does not have pauldrons available for me. Please share which pauldrons you have so that I can keep eye out for them. Also did you have to forge the item to get the farm perk? Thanks.

FYI it seems FLARE has taken different approach and has nerfed some items. I have level 125 pickaxe with 4.7% skull perk and just got 130 ranker warmaster with 4.2% skull perk. I seem to be going the wrong way in this deal.

I have apollon shoulders with scream plus farm perk. Found them in a pro chest, so didn’t buy them in shop.

0.1% is still doable per forge, remember that for me it’s 0.01% per forge, if I would forge them (I don’t). I didn’t forge them to get farm gear.

Having said that, a couple of weeks ago I forged my uber wings (the ones from dungeons, both) with intention to get speed skull gear.  During war season, double speed is much better.

One turned into farm gear, so I kept that one, was better than the legendary leadership cape that I forged into farm gear. At the moment of speaking, granny offers me a helmet with 14.9% farmer for 7M gold, but I already have same percentage there, so no thanks.

The one on ring I found inside an uber chest from ninja event. Only forge those items when it shows level 130. But even then, when you raise hero level, they will improve.

When I started to collect farm gear, I forged legendary items up to uber. When a perk I didn’t like appeared, I melted the item at blacksmith. Same strategy for getting my skull perk gear. Nowadays it’s different, take a pro item with good first stat, remove second stat and forge with intention to get a good perk. 

My advice is not to stare blind on reducing bread to abnormal low proportions. I also don’t raid with full farm gear. With max farms you have 1400 bread (I always have silo filled, unless my team has multiple wars) to use, with 50 bread per raid and farms replenishing, you can do at least 30 raids. That’s more than enough, unless you want to win leagues. 

Not always, if you remove a perk and reforge, it depends on base type of item. An original pro item gives best initial stats, an original uber item gives reasonable stats and a legendary item gives lower stats. Having said that, it depends also on luck. During reforging pro item, I have seen low values and high values for xp. So it is also a matter of being fortunate. So difference between 4.7% and 4.2% is also based on that random factor.

you are @Dena4 like a living wikipedia for rr2- just better. Den4pedia®️

With the shutdown of oPellepedia we now have Denapedia. :wink: Y’know, maybe it’s for the better that we don’t have a flarepedia. Knowing them, it’d probably be broken and half-assed.

Some items have a higher uber starting perk level, even at 130, rankor starts at 5.7, while pickaxe/yeti club start at 6.2.  There’s no luck element unless they get re-forged (in which case you’ll never get skull perk back).  Another one is the Viking weapon has a higher luck/xp value than the plunger weapon.