Could an admin answer this question?

I have already read all the suggestions made by players in this forum since the first post, and almost all of my friends from different alliances have already asked that too: all of them asked to put the replay of the attacks, and the possibility to share it in the ally chat (like in clash of clans). So, why doenst FG put that? Any admin can answer if there is an answer from devs?



For the moment this is not planned and we are not working on this, however it may be the case later in the future.

Thank you for your understanding.



Alright. Thx, Aether.

If not a full replay, having a bit more information would be nice. 


So show the map preview we get before battle with;

 - a # showing how much time was left

 - a skull for where / if the King died

 - a big X through any structure that was destroyed

Agreed, something other than 1-3 crowns because that doesn’t tell me anything really. 1.5 stars for someone getting 98% and 1 star for 100%. But sometimes I get 98% on an easy base because cannons go and di their own thing at the gate, so does that show 1.5 stars even though the defence wasn’t strong? 3 stars is 80%-70% and below? 20-10 seconds left? Most troops died? Any information more than what is given would be great

Yeah. It’s really frustrating for me cant see what happend. Replay is primordial. Even to share with ally mates.

I like that idea :slight_smile:

FG sould really consider adding this to the game they would keep more players rather then having them run away like previous updates.

It would give us all an advantage becuase we would know what we might have done wrong with are base and how we might make it better.

But you might say testing it yourself is the same as seeing someonelse attack it so why add this for no reason?

You just don’t attack your base like someone that has never attacked your base because you know what’s coming rather then everything being a suprize.

Totally agreed.

wow awesome idea and why today we still have nothing about that? Seriously Flare you must listen people. stop to put your head in the sand. when we see all the great suggestion made by people. this game would be so fantastic and awesome to play but Flaregames dont listen us and the game become worst and worst each update