Could be the Silo bigger?

Is it possible to make the Silo have bigger capacity? Such as 280*4=1120   :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely we need this update  but I am sad to say you might see this only for Christmas or never. 


This is Flare Games , never wish anything buddy  :wink:

It could be!

Hope we can get any Community Manager to respond here whether we can get a bigger silo or not. Thanks CMs in advance! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is one of the most requested upgrades…but as said by Emperor…we’ve never had an answer  :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey :slight_smile:


This question has already been asked here recently:

I currently don’t have more information about it, but please stay in touch at the beginning of this week, I will answer to this topic as well as I can :grinning: