Could not establish connection

Hi there,


I have problem with connecting to server from friday afternoon (before Ninja wars started). I´ve already tried several times uninstall and install game from my Lenovo mobil phone but it did not help. After new instalation I can choose one of my two profiles, than the app Google Play Games invites me to choose ID name. If i try to choose my ID name, there is written, that this ID already someone has. I can crash it or choose new ID,… i already try both ways with the same end - than it starts to connect to the server and it could not establish connection. I try it with Wi-Fi, or with data but it still cannot connect to server.

Please could you help me? I lost actual Ninja war and it seems i will lose next war… I can only works on my notebook, but I cannot use it whole time :-))


You need to create a new account using another google account.

Then please let me know in PM your old name and the new one.

I have problems connecting to the server from 14-9 Wednesday night before I tried several times to connect to the server and it can not establish a connection
please help me thanks