Could not log into the game

This is I Am Bruce Wayne 255.
Does anyone have a problem logging in to the game? “connecting” felt like forever then “unable to connect. Re establishing connection” (or something like that)…over and over again…my wifi & mobile network are working as normal but i could not log in to OR. As of now, it’s the 2nd day running. Within these 2 days, i could only log in once (this morning). Close to noon, i could not log in again. I tried restarting my phone, offload the game & redownload etc…still same thing. Help


works normal here.
is it an old OR account you use without a break? (since your last forum post was about 2 years ago)

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Yes. No breaks. Non stop usage. I just very rarely go to the forums

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strange. maybe try to request a ticket too

I could log in now. Hope no more problems

Some VPN applet can alter the communication of other applications. Some incognito browser set ups can gain privilege over broadcasting channels or APNs. Some “clean up” phone techniques can wipe your OR communication traces. Some task killers can hold on other applications from restarting or properly restarting. Some untold ISP downfall can forget your IMEI logs into an OR remote network. And so on… I recommend NETWORK ANALYZER. An excellent application to discover where the problem is and how much of it belongs to OR network or another side of your network. Best solution is to… hmmm… have patience. Technical solutions are to much technical to rely on them here in this forum.

In my alliance there are 3 players with the same problem as you and we have not been able to find out what the cause is, we think it has to do with the latest update, because the internet connection is good

(this is funny) so… some guys pretend to be working at a game update… then some guys pretend to unload an update from a proprietary service… then some connections work still… but the game refuses to start or connect (unlike others)… I think… I heard this is typical service in USA where internet was worked out, but the network supply is manually rebooted to “original state” everytime a new package appears to be unrecognized by the caps and donuts guys who work this Monday, but have not worked Sunday when the update occured…(this also typical in countries where internet was imported from USA… Like Germany :smile: where flaregames… “works out” new updates)

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