Could the donation reminder separated?

Dear, here’s the problem I have. Right now when the donation cool down is done so donation is available, the “alliance” button on the main screen flashes. However, when the alliance gold is enough for upgrade alliance level, it also flashes. Could the reminder for alliance upgrade be separated from donation reminder? Or make a check box so I could disable the reminder for alliance upgrade, or ask the system like “don’t remind me available for alliance upgrade for 30 days”. Is this doable? It just makes me ignore the donation reminder because most of the time when I click it the cool down is not done yet, which is annoying.

Agree when I was founder of my alliance I find it annoying to be confuse by this upgrade flashing problem. Why the donation cannot be separate of the upgrade alliance button. Its a little annoying for the general of a Alliance

Also for the officers too.???


Yes, for every member above officer level , this is annoying.

Would you guys prefer (would like multiple opinions) if it didn’t flash at all when the Alliance can be upgraded? I tend to find people want to get rid of the flashing and spend all my Alliance Gold, so this would be my preferred solution. Anyone have an argument against it?

Yes. I would prefer that. People get nervous when they see flashing things and do dumb stuff. Upgrading the alliance is a big decision.

I would almost say that upgrading the alliance should be a general/founder only option.

Agree, no flashing for alliance upgrades would be great!

AGREE…very annoying…please separate

I would generally say it is a good idea, although a better way would be to have a setting to toggle this on and off. Reason being is that my team is currently donating solely for the alliance level, so leveling up ASAP is a preference, with which the flashing thing actually helps.

I prefer it didn’t flash at all when the alliance can be upgraded. However, there’s still something needed to indicate when upgrade is available. So, could we make the flash only for donation, and when you can’t upgrade your alliance, the button is in gray color, when you can upgrade it becomes the normal colorful button?