Counting down to the new update

Forum is unusually quiet pending the new update. Come up, where’s the hype? =p

Cograts on diamond league record 

Lull before the storm :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, got broken super fast though ?

Don’t keep calm. 


Make noise  :lol:


Congrats on breaking it so fast and completing all the quests, may you have new ones to do in the new update

I hope for dozens of quests :slight_smile:

Think it will be tommorow after pro league

Just now I understand it was YOUR record :slight_smile:

it was pure accident
I fought the first two days of the league for trophies and first place
did not think about the league, but in the end it turned out 232K
then I celebrated and got drunk
and the next morning I woke up and realized that there was a real chance to take the league
collected a set of items for medals, and then played 24 hours without stopping
I saw that before my eyes twice updated the record 456-457-461, so I had to continue so that there were no bad surprises
24 hours -> + 458K medals

24 hours without stopping? You really deserve to break the record then lol. And I know you’re not exaggerating cause it took me long hours to even get 461k.

So whats the update about?

Most details are unknown until it is actually released. All we know is there will be a new mode called “Conquest Mode”.

OH. They have update something! There is a chicken behind the rock :stuck_out_tongue:

here’s a hype up song (or, a better version of it)  :wink:  


Sorry dude, Jack White’s a Detroiter- can’t beat the original- the original rocks! ? This version doesn’t pump me up, it makes me depressed! ?LOL 

Hello I very excite please you see 

Also, its good to see, little hard ninja islands , this time 

Thanks RR 2 team, for some challenges

Next ninja is 24 days…update is coming  :lol: