cover the costs of boosts

With the addition of the conquest boosts, it’s impossible to run all boosts 24/7 (elite, pro and Conquest). There has to be an additional alliance gold income. Everything got more expensive, but we as an alliance have no way to get more gold. Either the cost of all those boosts has to be decreased, or add an additional alliance tower level, or some event where alliances can win alliance gold (not like the 40-50 million from conquest, which is a joke). Right now, to run all those boosts, you need extra donations, which we don’t want. We don’t wanna have to pay just to run regular things to play the game. Way too many boosts/events/wars and so on which require alliance gold

Easiest way ofc is to add another alliance tower level. It sucks that we have to drop some boosts, just because you guys are greedy. We definitely won’t pay money/gems to run all those boosts

We as an alliance get over 100 million per day from daily donations, which makes it even more ridiculous. You spend 1 billion gold in 10 days and you can’t even afford all boosts

I think that’s the main problem of this game ATM!


Hey there guys :slight_smile:

I have forwarded your concern, but I do not have more information yet. Once I do, I will let you know.

What is the total cost of all those boosts at level 80 alliance?

Nay I think flare is heading in the right direction to have more varieties of boosts, so much so that alliances have to actually choose which boosts they want to keep.


The only exception is probably VL, but they are contributing a lot in keeping this game alive so I don’t mind.


In fact, some teams decided to even “choose” gargoyle towers + twisted gargoyles over arbs + dracomancer, which, in a way, brings balance to the issue of every team wanting to just win arbs war and drop froster war. Isn’t that what your team is doing? Just speculating ?

Even without arbs and Pyros, it’s not enough to keep the rest running. We are not here to play the game, just to save gold. Boosts are nothing that should be extra. We fight to win them, spend gold, time and gems and afterwards we should pay money to keep them running? That’s not right

Our team fights froster wars, cause that’s the boost we want

Maybe let some boosts slide. Not the end of the world.



Without a lot of subscriptions it is not possible for alliances to keep all won Proboosts, warboosts, conquest posts and some elite boosts. And if you want max alliance buildings in stronghold, you have to pay ridiculous prices.

So the question is: 

How much pay 2 play is okay? 


Are the prices overdrawn?

Please don’t add new level on alliance tower, i’m broke already ?
Instead FG could reconsider to lower the cost of those insanely-too-many boosts

Be strategic about which boosts to maintain. Or pay money to maintain them. It isn’t hard.