Covid-19, stuck at home

I propose that now that we cannot leave home, due to the pandemic, weekend odysseys will be created, for example, some challenge, I will leave it to the creativity of the developers, something to spend a few days entertaining. Thank you and health

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Wars without 2 weeks off.


not everyone has free time, some have less. some have to do (home)work of partner too bc of quarantine or worse. kids also need more attention.
this as some counterparts. some might play less of other more important real time worries.

good luck and health to everyone.

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FG can introduce a new challange for these days and rewards for them , wars in week gaps are not good idea imo because all are not free,

Everyone should suggest their views and can say what kind of challenging task they want and FG can choose one of them which is possible and intresting.

From my side , i would like to have a challange where FG introduces a great defence with really hard GK and players can attack that dummy base with all their heroes to earn points.
Each hero can earn only 100 points max. Where these 100 points will be given on the basis of how much % they have done with that hero on that dummy base and points of all heroes will be counted and players will get rank according to that and get rewards ,

This will encourage everyone to built their all heroes and it will give a new task to target to achieve.

I know this is not possible to do in ahort span of time but i wanted this type of feature in this game since long and may be some other players also like this idea. Or FG can introduce it as further uodate as well.