COWARDS fashion

This thread is about one of the latest fashions of towers near the gate.


Players who fail to build a decent defense in their bases, locate 2 towers adjacent to the gate.

This way they hope that the attackers will get only 98%.

So, what’s the point??? Your base lacks 2 important towers and you will still lose anyway.

When I see bases like this, these players make me want to vomit.


I call these yellow chicken bunnies - COWARDS!


If you’re good - build a good defense and be ready to win or lose by your strategy. If you’re a coward even when playing a lousy game, then go home and hide behind your mother’s apron.


By the way, it’s known why players are doing this during the seasons, they want to lose less skulls. Well, If you’re not man enough to lose with dignity, then don’t participate at all.


Oh, yes, now many will hate me for this thread. But the fact stays - they are coward chickens!



That tactic is pretty used during Wars so the attacker will get less skulls.

they might be foxes

Indeed, but he/she could just use these towers to make better base defense. Then the opponent will lose. Much better than 98%…

Oh yes, Gypsy, you are right… :slight_smile:


By the way, by looking at your base, you don’t follow this fashion.

In, high level, war people will scroll to beat the gate. The best way to stop them from getting 100%, and get less skulls, are the towers at the gate. You might not like it, but it is what this game has become.

Sounds like Edward is getting frustrated

These are not reasons. Just excuses for bad base planning.

Frustrated of cowards. Yes… :slight_smile:


I’m going to get myself some popcorn… Be right back.

Please elaborate on this matter.

Change the topic name to " I just need some more attention ". 

You angry because cannot get 100%? ahahahaha


* I don’t care about defence between wars


but in war it works, so a couple of towers under construction I usually set near castle :slight_smile:

Many wars was won due to cowardness its a good tactic  (in some cases) :stuck_out_tongue:

I leave it in the middle, it’s everyones choice and decision.


I don’t place towers near the gate, according to my opinion if someone manages to destroys my towers and beats my troops in time, then the raider deserves to win. For me it’s a sign, improve your defense, upgrade your towers, they aren’t good enough. 


Sure, it can be frustrating to miss a tower, but I always blame myself when I miss a tower. I have no problem with towers near the gate. For me it doesn’t matter, I just learned to check base plus tower location before I attack. When someone designs the path in such a way that canons can destroy the gate from another path, I either don’t use them or I use scream to pull them away from there.


When I see towers near the gate when I check the map and when I spot them I try to remember where they are located. I know that I need to adapt my strategy at the end and try keep my sonic blast in reserve at that moment, but I only use that strategy when I arrive there with enough time left.


When I have not a lot of time left, the defender actually should have used those towers earlier on the path, at least I would have been slowed down more and would probably not raid succesfully. That’s his mistake, so it actually costs him skulls. some wise defenders make sure to place a tower with tough barricade just before entering he castle gate space. Even there I refuse to use a Sonic blast when I have enough time. I know I need it to destroy remaining towers, so I let my troops destroy the tough barricade if it’s placed there.


When I arrive with more than 30 seconds left, I know I have more than enough time for two sonic blasts. Most time the towers near the gate are firebolts or snake towers. I run a littlebit forward and destroy the towers at one side with a sonic blast (I have extra SB perk, so towers will fall, don’t touch the gate, it should be not damaged!), summon a mummy to distract defending troops and run backwards to use scream to stop my incoming troops from nearing the gate and use shield to protect them when defending troops are firing. In the meanwhile my sonic blast is reloading. When troops start  to move forward, I use my blizzard to cool down or whipe out defending troops and run to next position between remaining towers and activate sonic blast. This time I do hit both tower and the gate. Job cleared, 100% raid.  


Even in situations where both sides have three towers (firebolt/skull, snake plus firebolt) this tactic works.


I know it can be frustrating that players place towers near gate, but finding a tactic to overcome that problem is also fun. Like I said, I only blame myself when I don’t destroy all towers.


Before I used this tactic, it was more gambling than wisdom. For example both sides have firebolts. Destroy one side, run to the other side and scream and hope for canons or range troops to destroy the tower before gate. Often I failed. With new strategy, it even becomes fun.

So, you confirm the idea


If you have less than 30 seconds left, you miss one tower!

OK, let’s look at this issue from the aspect of strategy and tactics:


  1. First of all, let’s make it clear. There are 6 places for towers at the gate field. Here we are only dealing with the 2 that are the closest to the gate. The rest can be very important for the defense if used wisely.


  1. A base (gate maxed) has 19 towers. Logically thinking, would anyone volunteer to use only 17 instead? So players doing this are deliberately making their bases weaker by 11% less towers.


  1. Two towers at the gate. At this location both are very vulnerable and easy targets for the king. One of them will be killed. The second is a problem, since it takes time for the king to get to it across the gate field and takes time for his spells to cool down and recharge. Usually he doesn’t have enough time for this, cause his army is already at the gate and will kill it before he gets to the second tower. Raid will still be won, at 98%. Just a little bit less medals and gold (really insignificant difference). At war time there will be a little bit less skulls (~10), but still the raid is won and the base is beaten. CoFs come after and you will usually get bonus skulls from them. If the attacker would lose this raid, would he get all this? No…


  1. A player should always take advantage of his base by making hard life for the attacker. Every trap and trick is important to make the opponent lose those precious seconds. In the case of towers at the gate, the attacking army is already there storming the castle and this base is already doomed.


  1. The only towers effective at the gate are boosted bomb towers. If gargoyle towers active, then those as well. All the rest are useless and harmless because of the very long range needed there. Even firebolts located there have too short range and can’t cover the center. So, why do we find snakes (for example) at the gates of some players?


The only conclusion I see here is that those players know their bases are not so well planned, so why should they try to make them better if there’s another option there, the option of cowardness… It makes them feel better (psychologically), that their base is raided by 98% only. “Wow… Nobody can really beat me…”, “Am I such a hotshot player or what?”, “My base is soooo good…”.


Cowards will always lose. In the real life and even in a lousy game.

Everyone have their point of view,don’t be frust.just a down.everyone have their choices.u have the right to be wrong


I miss one tower indeed in that case, but you won’t hear me complain. I blame it on myself, I should have made it more quick to the gate then and not have wasted valuable time elsewhere.

At war, opponent can chose victim as he wants, depending on his attack.


And almost all has strong defence.


And ALMOST ALL (at our alliance level) has just equally 1015 skulls


Now you see the idea???