Craft new items

I sacrificed a very old Titan item to forge my Great Shield of Ajax and the Potency/Physical Resistance would be improved by 60%-70%.

I might be wrong, but I believe that unique item upgrades are fixed based upon ascension level, so using old titan items for that purpose might be ok. If you’re trying to upgrade a non-unique item, old gear will increase it by the minimum.

Correct, any differences for unique items will come from the item you are upgrading, not the one you are disassembling.

Was something else changed today that wasn’t said in the patch notes? The game feels completely off. Was movement speed changed?

Or cold slowdown?

Everything that was changed is in the patch notes, if there is something strange it may be a bug, so more info would be welcome.

It just seems like my guys are moving too slow. It’s tough to put my finger on, but it just feels “off”. It’s almost like the pathfinding for units is wrong. Maybe it’s nothing, but I play the game for a few hours a day and you get used to it having a certain “feel” and immediately after the update it felt different.

When playing myself I don’t notice a difference right now, but I probably play less than you. It would be good to have opinions from other people too.

I thought I noticed that Cadmus was moving really slow this morning.  I didn’t have any trouble beating the base, but it seemed like he was groggy from last night.  I think I was in fast-forward mode when I noticed it?  I will try to pay closer attention now that I’m realizing it may not have been just me who was groggy.

I’ve been using Cadmus also

It does feel like units are not keeping up with the hero as well as they used to  but  there’s a meta change going on due to the balance changes, and many bases are changing. So my guess is that nothing changed, but the base layouts are a little different from that one base that we all attacked day in day out for a few months…

It was a change that happened from before the update to after the update, but ok

I read a lot of unhappy comments about poor and duplicated Unique Items. Unhappy players should compare them with lottery tickets. Buying lots of tickets doesn’t guarantee you’re gonna win the jackpot, but it will probably give you more chance. While I’m okay with the current drop probability, I would like to see some enhancements to enjoy them more. The devs should consider creating new categories, like Exceptional Uniques and Elite Uniques! Those could be used at a certain level of Ascension only and should be a lot rarer and elusive (no duplicates please

About the forging system, I’m accumulating more items (Titan and Godlike) than I can forge. I currently have 320 Item Slots and they grow rapidly. I think fusing 2 items or more is a better option than using only 1, like I suggested here:

Duplicated Uniques could be used to forge Exceptional and Elite ones.  :slight_smile:

What do you think?

I forgot, how about a new perk: Luck

More chance to obtain Uniques…  :wink:

well @Tomaxo,count me in too.I too want a luck perk which will enable us acquire Unique items.  :wink:


Hi @Tomaxo,Developers should add a feature which should change what kind of properties a cursed item should have.Last week I almost got 20 cursed items completed their requirements to remove curse only to be disappointed by their properties. Cursed items should have unique properties only or should come with three bonuses instead of two ,to make them good find.otherwise they are complete waste of players time and gems.It is not so easy to find curse items also few player have exceptional curse items like rings that have demolition or potency bonus.I hope everyone get a chance to have such items.

I also suggested CapMorgan about having an option to customize a cursed ring, allowing us to choose the proper perks we lack of. I know I’m kinda greedy but gave it a try ?



(Note: The usual yellow smiley is adopting the green color for its epicness.)

Something must be done to further forge the very old 5 skull titan items. matching our lvl. For example a rare old double resistance item… Or 5 skull items can be forged per asc lvl up… 

about craft new items. Can be cool if the forge same if now its nerfed and useless. Can allow us to create brand new items

by example you have a Yellow ring with 5,678 Health Regeneration and 3,456 Cooldown and if you combine with a yellow ring with 2,345 Life on Hit and 4,567 Cooldown create a Titan 1 Star with +25% Hero HP and 5,200 Cooldown

Make fun to craft new items by combined two items. you take risk to sacrifice 2 items but at final you can get a huge awesome item