Craft new items

That seems to be the exact opposite direction of where the devs want to take forging. 

Your greed will be granted in v4.1. ??


5-Star Titan Items will be forgeable in v4.1. ?

I think it is 4.0.3 @Tomaxo

Nope, 4.0.3 aka Statue Nerf will be released next week while 4.1.0 aka new Forge release date is still unknown.

Hey don’t post such things here it almost broke my heart to see so many unique items.???

Anyways I think gammal will be even more  sad than me after watching that Vedio too. ???

@CaptainMorgan please ask Chris how many titan chest he opens in a week or month to get all those unique items.

Seriously ,Now I am more jealous of that dude’s account???

One more question does titan chests from Titan horad pack offers same percentage as any titan sea chest for finding unique items?


He does not have duplicates