Crash back After Maintrance!

game crash back after server maintrance.  os: windows 10

I’m having disconnect issues too.
obs: android 7.0

I get disconnected as I try to make a player search.


iOS 10.3.3

Oh god not again. I have lost connection twice since coming home.



Yep same for my alliance unable to do out of alliance player search and disconnection issues. Started after mainetence break 


My game keeps disconnecting too. Im on Android

I ok i understand its the entire Flare Server who crash. Olympus Rising War is broken right now. Again we have server shutdown? Like last time we will have this problem until Monday? During 4 days or 5 days. No way you killing me

I keep getting booted too, especially during player search.  I’m on Windows 10.  I think Flare is trying to tell me that I play too much. 

we have got a post in OR who Madlen said they work on fixing the shutdown issue. in RR2 however I have no clue if they work on it. Strange no official announce here

Edit : Cool Madlen just did

Still no way to use the player search engine. Disconnection issues are not solved yet. Not just for me but for other members of my ally as well.

IGN: Lord Barnot

OS: iOS 10.3.3

I’m on Windows 10 as well, however, I tested player search. Game seems fine for me. @LordBarnot is it possible that it’s just on iOS or all mobile devices?


I have a Royal Revolt 2 game, on a Windows 10 PC, it constantly reboots when I want to attack someone.

I still can’t search for players.

I’m losing my chance to use insta gargoyles!! I’m really getting nervous now. ?

Flare pleeeeease fix this issue!

A lot of people seems to have connection problem!!! Really again??? It happens way to often, people even got used to it and don’t even mention it anymore!!! This is really not good!!