Crash have continued now, pls repair soon

Crash have continued even update 4.4.1 (Win-PC).

I have 10 times over crash.

Pls repair soon. Flare Games.

Crash occur in busy battle.

but I am using most new high spec gaming PC, so not cause of PC.

This crash have occurred from 4.4 update to 4.4.1 and have continued till now.

I can’t play RR2 anymore if Flare games repair this.

Hi ZeroRiemann,

Thanks for reporting this. I guess, you’re using a Windows 10 PC then?

But does the crash only happen when you’re using a Guardian in busy battles or does it also occur when you are NOT using the Guardians?

Thanks in advance for your information :grinning:

my game crash during raids too. in windows 10 pc and android too 

Hi Sasch

Yes I played windows 10 and this crash happen in busy battles everytime.

I am not sure that the crash happen when using Guardians or not. Maybe I guess using Guardians.


Kind regards

Zero Riemann

Now crash continue,again again.  I lost many trophies…

It was very regrettable that Flare Games upgraded without basically bug test.

I am using Trusty not Donkey.

the damn game crashed when i was making conquest battle, 2 times it crashed in the middle of the battle.

IGN: parasite2689

O/S: Android

Same here. Last conquest fight. Complete my fight. Then said. “Connection lost” after a few seconds. Back in game. No Victory reward. Fight counted as a fight. 

This is bad… Verry bad…

Please fix asap


P.s. my internet was NOT the issue.

Hey guys,

For those who haven’t sent their crashdumps or logs yet could you please do so? We would appreciate your help. :grinning:

Thanks in advance.



Still no patch on the crash bug? 


when will it end…?still i have 51seconds,bcz of crash i lost battle…


i am using windows 10 pc.

now again it happened.



looks like the game doesn’t want me to reach 5300 trophies,this is 3rrd time in a row…continuously…this is *****ty and annoying

f*** it,6times in a row…hate this ***** crash…

Flare hope you wil fix before the week end

donkey speed is causing this crash…the moment donkey is used to to move fast,game crashes

not sure about that because i’m using goruc and it keeps crashing too 

i only have donkey,so i said about it…

It is the second time that the game is blocked in this base. But yesterday it closed suddenly in this same place … now the screen is frozen.

And apparently, what causes this problem is not the activation of the donkey … but the speed.

Windows 10

IGN: Miguel Araujo