Crash while hero equip items



I have had the same problem for a while now.

Every now and then, I clean up the inventory of my heroes by equipping good items and selling junk ones.

I do all heroes at once.

EVERY goddam time, the game disconnects when I’ve finished with my 3rd or 4th hero, it doesn’t take into account my previous actions, so I have to start again from scratch.


That happens on both my devices, iOs 9.3.2 and Android 5.0. That happened before the 2.5 update and keeps going.

Am I the only one to face that?

Hey AwesomeDoud,

Sorry to hear about this.

Could you let me know which devices do you have exactly?

Also, does it happen after you sell an item in particular, or is it just once you are done cleaning a certain amount of Heroes’ inventory?

Iphone5 and Asus Zenfone 2 - happens on both

It seems to happen when I feel like I am almost done, so yes I guess it may be after cleaning a certain amount of heroes’ inventory.

It isn’t an item in particular, because when I reload the game after the crash and re-clean the inventories, sometimes it works just fines (sometimes it crashes again though, but eventually I manage to sell everything I want)

Thanks :grinning: