Crashes in battle on iOS devices

Hi all,

There is currently a crash in the 2.8 version of Olympus Rising on iOS which occurs when a very high-level player attacks a very busy chokepoint and uses a large amount of Powers and Invocations with a lot of units on screen.

The issue is known, and we have already created a fix for it; the fix is only included in the 2.9 iOS version which Apple have not yet given the OK for release, despite it already taking longer than usual. Unfortunately this is out of our control.

As soon as Apple have finished reviewing this new version, even if it is over the weekend, it will be  immediately  released for you to download, and the problem should be fixed.

We’re very sorry for the problems you’ve had so far, and please keep an eye on the AppStore for new updates.

Thank you for your continued patience.

- Your Olympus Rising Team

A new version is available for iOS in which this issue is fixed.

Please note: this version does not include the fix for the crashes which players are experiencing in Russian. We will release another new version which fixes these problems as soon as possible.