Crashes when Raiding a members particular Alliance in the Alliance Wars...

For some odd reason whenever members of the Knights of say Ni raid Promiska the game crashes about 20 seconds into the raid.  This crash is happening on both Windows and Android systems, and maybe more…  This is a huge problem because we are at War with Promiska in the Alliance Wars, so players are losing chests, and the our alliance may lose the whole War Season due to this error!

I am a general from a top 5 alliance. I completely agree to you, this crashes are unacceptable during alliance war. android /windows users facing more problem with this. There is definite lag in all platforms and its causing the crashes very often. Flare will lose lots of members keeping ignoring this. i had posted 2 days back as well on this. 

-POLISH KNIGHTS- has the same problem, a lot of people are disconnected during alliance war. its not problem with internet connection, its a huge problem with game and developers

Either flare’s creditors seized a vital portion of the game’s infrastructure or the game has finally started to cave in on itself.

our alliance has bee having a lot of crashes during the war today especially. game freezes, the shuts down and game quits. Has happened to me today in 6/12 raids.

I am using win 10 laptop.


I also have this problem with the game, in the middle of the invasion the game closes itself and the following message appears “royal revolt 2 stopped working”. In this 6-fight war 4 of them the game closed and it does too much harm to the score during the war, I hope they will be able to fix it in some next update. the funny one and that when I attack with a knight or the archer seems to fall more frequently.

Ditto Maerique’s info…I’m also in Knights who say Ni Alliance. After conversations w/ several other members, problem is not w/ internet. Repeat NOT THE NET!!. Problem exists on all platforms…Windows 8, 10…Android iOS …not a local anomaly… EST,  PST,  UTC, east coast USA, Australia, G.Britain,   Don’t know about others ('cept in this forum) who may be experiencing this issue, BUT HEY FLAREGAMES!!.. What’s a fair resolution to the lost time ,efforts, gems, gold to say the least.??? A “DO OVER”?? We all anxiously await your timely efforts to balance the upset…

same here just startred this particualr war was all good before…

I could be wrong, but in our Alliance Knights who say Ni, we only get the crash when attacking Proksima and only if we use archers in our attacks (which naturally was our main attack because we currently have Tribal Archer and Power Archer activated.  So I looked at what was unique about Proksima, and Proksima is the only Alliance we are competing against who has Ascension Archer activated.  I believe the problem is with attacking Ascension Archers with non-Ascension Archers.

Just to be clear Flare we want compensation for all the work you made us put into solving your problem, losing chests cause we couldn’t complete raids in the War Season, even losing players who got frustrated and left the game!

crash crash crashing dayli
I lost many trophys and gems during war in 4 days
please fix game 


@FTB@Archimedes and other administrator 
I lost many trophys and gems this war and got crashing 
before FB tower boost my trophy is 5600k and after many time crash now 5200

Knowing flare it’d be something along the lines of 10 extra raids 5 minutes before the war ends (and y’all best be greatful, hmpf!).

Dear all,

Thank you for the reports, it is much appreciated.

We are currently looking into the issue, please bear with us for the time being. 

Best wishes.

  • per hour show this message in alliances why not fix it? @Archimedes


Please, kindly contact our Customer Support about this

They will be happy to help.

I send mail 3 days ago and wait for answer 
Enemy Alliance eliminated! for all not me

Same!  Already contacted them!  Haven’t heard back!

They will definitely get back to you. 

Please give them a little more time, sometimes the amount of requests might be a little overwhelming to process at once. 

Have a good day!

I did 16 raids as war champion and got 2 crashes!

All those days the same!

Thats a risk for all our Alliances! Results are influenced by this issue!!