I know you guys are working on the issue with the crashes. And the trebuchets. But  in addition to that, I really feel like some PR work is in order from FG. There have been a lot of top players that left this weekend in frustration. I’m not planning to leave (yet), but I’m not buying any gems right now. Please consider providing a conciliatory gem pack or a few titan chests. I really feel that you guys are doing what you can and that you are sorry for the issues, but we spend money on this game and these issues make me feel that we aren’t getting what we pay for. 

Thank you,


Hey :grinning:

The “general compensation” solution just can’t work imho.

If peasants starve and the king gives away money to everyone, bread price will inflate and everyone will still starve.

It’s the same thing with gems or with titan chests. Since it’s a game where we compete with each other, general compensation and no compensation is just the same shit. :s