hi everyone,


i play on an ipadair2, normally no problem. but now i can’t start the app, keeps crashing.


does anyone know why? and what to do?


update: thank you!! i solved it. closed every app, restarted device, now it works again. have fun!


Yeah I have too a Ipad Air 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

For your problem maybe because of update 2.7.0 I know on my Ipad I have problem to connect to the game but about crash I don’t know. You can ckeck the log to see the cause but honestly I don’t remember the procedure. I never use it. I know its somewhere you can see the problem

Give me few minutes I check in Bugs and Section I think its there I saw that

Oh ok this topic show how to find log on PC and the procedure for Android but not for Ipad sorry. You can try to contact the support team if they can help you