wtf. since war started the game crashes every time you reach the room with the chests again.

also when searching players with the arrow game crashes sometimes,… i am on windows …

flare when do you realise that the people that work there are not competent to program a simple game ???

test stuff before putting it live on server …  you expect people to pay real money for your effords … well what about paying players expect from you to deliver a working game ???\

also 70k for last war chest with only 5 attacks per tile ??? also a verry stuppid decission (wich you make allot lately)

even the forum isnt working properly i had type this message 3 times before i could post it,

realy i think it says enough … hire compotent people that do this stuff for living … realy this is bad…

flare when you start listening to players … i mean the every day chest thinggi is not bad but 99 procent of things you implent are bad and or not working … fix this … cause its verry anoying .

This is frustrating!


Out of 7 first raids, I had 4 game crashes!!! Unbelievable…

The crashes occur immediately after you win the raid. So, no chests… No bonus skulls, no cash and no other prizes.


Using windows 10.


Thank you flares. Guess any compensation for this, is as usual out of the question… Skulls are lost, gold is lost.