Crashing constantly... Oreo

I just updated my LG G6 to oreo (verizon)

Now royal revolt is crashing CONSTANTLY. It’s crashed so often entering the dungeon levels that I’m having to play on my windows tablet instead of the phone. 


a3 there is no problem with oreo. LG simply has too much load and can not lift it.


Hey, @joshcali! Feel free to reach our support staff at to get help with in troubleshooting this issue.

Thank you Archimedes! 

and um… no thank you other guy… lol

@joshcali I had the same problem. Think it’s fixed now. Clear your cache!


Edit: Not fixed unfortunately. Still crashing problems.

Tried everything up to a Factory Reset of my phone and the answer I get from support is a link to Android support.

On the support page of the link Flare sent me it says to contact the app developers when an app is crashing or not working properly:

I have also contacted LG (my phone manufacturer) and this was their answer:

“No rights can be derived from the use of third party apps. Android offers the app providers only a platform to which the apps can be added. We have nothing to say about the content of the apps. We can only give the requirements that such an app must meet to guarantee the proper working of it.”


I don’t know what else I can do but rollback the entire Android update which is an incredibly complicated and tedious progress and likely to cause other problems in my phone and warranty.

The game has become unplayable for me now with constant crashing and there is nothing I can think of that I can do to fix it. Flare doesn’t seem to want to take responsibility for the crashing.

There’s at least 2 of us and I’m sure there are more having the same problem! If you have an LG G6 phone with the latest Oreo update please post in this topic about having or not having any problems so we can try find out what is wrong.


@Archimedes did you see @Maestro had the same problem? 
Imagine all the people not reporting…

@maestro… is this also on an LG G6 after the update to oreo? 

Yes I’m having the exact same problem on an LG G6 after the update to Oreo.


Flare sent me an email that they are looking into it and trying to find/make a fix. @joshcali

@Maestro nice to hear! when I first messaged them they didn’t know about it. it was the day after the oreo release on the G6 :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. I lost many trophy. 2 weeks ago i had 3100 and now i have 2700!!! Because the game crash when i go to fight! I have got lg g6 oreo actualization. It is terrible! 

Thx maestro i do it.

Hello MegiQ,

Flare has sent me an email stating that they are working to fix the problem.

Please file a ticket here:

The more people file a ticket the sooner it will probably get fixed. Sending them additional info could also help them pinpoint the problem.

Same here! Need fix!

Hello there,

After a check with the Devs, it will be fixed in the upcoming update.

Many thanks,


And when can we expect that update? End of July?

Sorry, couldn’t resist again, since Windows users in Europe are forced to wait to get rewards for videos till new release. 

Hello there,

Correct. End of July, when 4.0 will go live.

Many thanks,


Awesome, thanks for the info.