Crashing in Alliance Chat

Started today. It’s crashed about a dozen times in alliance chat. 

Can’t see any pattern to it.

Running v4.4.3 on IOS. 

No problems during battles.

No problems encountered with any other app.


I currently have about 6 team mates experiencing this issue. Game crashes as soon as they try to respond on the chat.

I have had the same for the last three days. Really frustrating not being able to donate troops to team members

Thanks for those responses. Somewhat reassuring to know others have the same problem.

Guess we have to wait until the new year for any developer response.

I also have the same problem, started about a week ago. The game crashes every time I try to enter the chart… 

ign: azmandius

v 4.4.3 iOS 

We now have almost 1/3rd ot the team with this issue? Is anything being done? This will make communication during conquest very difficult… any info?

I am__ experiencing the same problem, is there anything getting worked on this bug??? ?

have had the same problem for some days now. Sometimes I can give insta troops, sometimes I can read the chat, but never write. If I need to speak to my generals I must send a pm. Very frustrating. Is FG doing anything? Have also send a mail to FG, but not received an answer.     Best from stor gutt

Hoping Flare will be back from their extended Christmas holiday tomorrow and finally respond to this problem.

Here’s an update: although the crashes are intermittent and unpredictable, over the last two days they’ve happened every time I’ve attempted to enter the VIP part of my alliance chat forum.

Same here, game always crashes if I try to enter the VIP chat + sometimes if I try to send a post at the normal chat.

Using current IOS version.

It seems to be happening more in iPad/iPhone.

I,m stilling having this problum, last update didn’t help.

Hi guys,

Thanks for reporting this. We will look into the issue.

Yes I get connect fail when using chat on iPad Air - last update didn’t help - I opened a call but all has gone quiet ??‍♂️

Now seems to be solved. Thank you.