Started playing the Ninja’s and guess what?   Yep it crashed on the second island. WTF?

LOL, and just as I post this I see "server maintenance in 7 minutes. Do you guys test your product? maybe you should have some of us players test it for you.

it’s gettin worst with every next event… and u think the grand opening was a fail… Just wait and see.

I agree why doesn’t flare offer a separate test server before things go live? RR2Beta? A lot of these things could have possibly been corrected before going live.

Maintenance complete and crash on island 3. wow, they are pathetic.  

Maintenance complete and crash on island 3. wow, they are pathetic.  

My game has crashed 3 out of 5 times. So frustrating  :slightly_frowning_face:  

My game crashed on 1st cof. At least I know I can skip this whole  :ph34r: right away…

Still crashes on Windows 10 just before treasure chamber.

Because the ridiculous ninja event requires 100% or near, event is a waste of time.

Same problem last event.  Email to customer support was ignored.

Paying player, patience worn thin.  Fix it please.


I know the feeling, happened to me also. One positive aspect is that I can relax now, I don’t need to stress and play complete weekend, since I don’t stand a chance any more.

I started with 4 out of 6 crashes. I enjoy the islands, but knowing no chance to win due to a failure from flare gives a mixed feeling. We didn’t get reward yet, so I am glad with any reward, but knowing it would be much more without these crashes isn’t good for morale.

i have 2crash in play ninjas the game crash in raid ans im loose 2 battle i m finish ninja and i m quit game fuck flaregames

franchement ca prend la tete au final on claque des gemms pour allez plus vite et on peux pas complete les 28batlles parce que votre jeux crash on paie des gemms pour allez plus vite pour pas pouvoir finir je demande remboursement !!!

i have problème the game crash in raid and i m loose 2battled because flare is noob i m paid gemms for past wait and is not possible finish 28raid but 26… I want finish 28raid. Other event ninja is crash crash and new event crash FLAREGAMES NOOB THE END EVENT NINJAS I M QUIT THE CHIT GAME

Crash on no 16 :slightly_frowning_face: lost 400 gems that i use to speed up,  fucking hurt…  

Thats no fair flare!!!  

cof crash is killing me. i just cant complete ninja with perfect score . even before the event i already knew it would happen…

flare should just kil itselfs off cause this is getting verry painfully in the end , they keep giving patches and upgrades and crashes get worse everytime…

lost gems on the event again cause of the crashes …realy need a compensation after event again pffff-

wtf flair just say you cant make a working game and quit rather then keep fixing a bug with another bug, you atleast be honest then.

After the ninja event starts my game crashed  so many times when I’m open my game it’s crashes some times when I’m watching videos suddenly crashed it’s really Irritating me :angry:

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I’ll ping the team on Monday to let them know there are still issues.

Sorry for the troubles.

you are lucky to get crashes in 2nd island.  i got alots of crash after 10th iland. and already spended alot of gems before crashes come :slightly_frowning_face: . i thought its not guaranteed to win. i willl stop spending my gems out there  :angry:

faut pas mal le prendre mais a chaque fois c est desole pour le désagrément mais pour le moment ca fais deux event ninjas qu il est pad possible de finir et donc d avoir les recompenses qu on devrai avoir sérieusement DEUX EVENT D AFFILES!!!

comme dit ci dessus deux event ninjas sans finir avec les recompenses qu on devrai avoir parce que CA CRASH la seule chose que vous nous dites c est desole.pour les problèmes encourus vous planer a quoi chez flare?