crazy gems packages

Thanks alot flare for those crazy gems packages i bought some of those but some of my friends also want those types of packages i hopw you guys give all of them same packages on same time :grinning:

i waiting it for a long time … :’(

You need to have low amounts of gems on your account. So like if you have 1000 gems the packages and offers wont come up. If you drop down to like 200-300 gems the packages are more likely to appear, it doesnt mean that they will always appear but you have a way better chance at getting them to show up.


You can also store up your gems from quests and not complete the dungeons that give gems and save them to help you buy those packages without spending real life money on them.  

The package that flare gave me was 329% more gems if you buy a. 20000 packet also 55% off that is insane lol thats why i bought that :grinning:

That’s ridiculously unfair ): My highest discount was 33% off. Now that I have 10k gems, Flare trying to lure me back with a 20% off xD



Yes indeed, I just made a post about it. and got some screenshot of different gem sales…

Imagine, a players who pays more wlll get less gems, and a players who pays less will get more gems…

I can’t understand how unjust and unfair they are to every player…


here is the link:

This is a really nasty way to make money out of game players and this is’nt the only game that uses this strategy of marketing.Money wolwes! But the game is excellent.

Jest super ale moze byc lepiej

how many gems did have when you got this offer ?


Mani, I would like to know this as well. Does having less gems give you a better chance to get a sale, or increase the type of sale you get? And does buying gems previously effect this as well?

(same question posted in the other topic)


Hi condor,

In mani’s case, he bought some gems first, then the huge gems  discount sales pop out the 343% additional gems.

I have to ask other players too, who got 299% additional gems.

Ok flare gave me a workers package i was some gems short so buy gems for that after i buy a worker package with in few seconds flare gave me that gems discount package … Note when i bought a workers package i had only 5 gems remaing when flare gave me that gems discount offer

One more thing i also bought gems for my worker package :grinning: