crazy granny question

It says that the “Items are better”

Does this mean you would get higher level gear than you normally do, the items are stronger than the ones you get outside the event or that the rarity level of the items in store is higher?

Should be all 3 together, however you will still find the usual boring items as the passed crazy granny days events.

It means that the item will be better than the items you usually get in granny’s

Can’t you wait till tomorrow and see ? :wink:

Hey, the granny use to shuffle the items after a specific time interval!! So if we reroll the items into legendary, will the items shuffle back to normal items after the time period is over?

Nope they shouldn’t

Hey, do you know the time period after which the granny shuffles? That will be of great help.

Currently i think is every 6h or so but i see it mostly randomly

Then it will be safer to collect money frst and then reroll for better items :wink:


Reshuffle time for event, is very small (not 8 hours)


So they will reset to zero very quick