Crazy monster idea - Tower Troll

I think most new monster ideas are crazy, so here’s one from me:


The Tower Troll


It carts out a tower of your choice, such as a skull tower or FB tower. The tower is mobile so long as the tower troll is alive. The tower stops moving if the troll comes in contact with troops or the troll dies. The stopped tower, because it is so big, may partially impede the path of troops as they try to get around it, so you have to be really careful about defending the troll on offense. If the tower is destroyed but the troll lives, the troll goes on to inflict a minor amount of blunt damage using its fists. A stopped tower on defense acts as a partial barricade until it is destroyed, slowing down the king.


Points of interest:


  • It would require 16 morale on offense, maybe more on defense, or you only get a max 16 towers on defense no matter what, mobile or stationary. Repeated waves (like 1-3) will not have the troll come out the second time.
  • It would be so much fun to pull out one of your own skull towers into the middle of the field. I think if the troll came out, the opposing units would have to be programmed to preferentially destroy the tower instead of monsters/units.
  • It would allow limitless positioning of certain towers like the frost/gargoyle/snake tower, making all of them more useful. Imagine just wiping out a band of power archers with your sonic blast, but then a snake tower comes up behind them, closing in on you with no spell to protect you?


It would be crazy, but it would be so fun.



  1. You’d see so many more cannons and maybe paladins on defense, increasing the variation in gameplay.

  2. Extra strategy needed to compensate for mobile towers. Forces players to be more interesting.

  3. It will require smarter players who know when to unleash a tower and when it might slow troops themselves if the troll dies: smarter gameplay.

  4. Imagine guessing when an opposing player will roll out their tower! There will be a huge element of surprise. Maybe they’ll start out fast, guns a-blazin’ with a firebolt! Maybe they’ll wait until you have amassed a huge army at a choke point and a skull tower comes rolling in. Maybe they’ll wait until late and send a Snake to get you running to hide amidst your horde, killing time.



  1. Maybe more effective on defense than offense?

  2. Paths blocked by stopped tower would be frustrating to some players not equipped to destroy the tower.

Very interesting, albeit a little crazy idea! :wink:


If I imagine to mount a lvl 9 skull tower onto a troll and use it on my raids by putting it up at the main choke point of a base… sounds hilarious

On defense, it would make pyromancers relevant again because of their ability to hit mobile firebolts across a lane. Frosters would come out in droves to protect against mobile skull towers. On offense, even paladins would make a comeback to slow down a skull tower coming dangerously close to the king’s tent.


You would have to protect against so many types of configurations. The variation in gameplay would be infinite. Far fewer “N” bases. Path overlap would take on a new meaning: in some cases, overlap would be good to break down towers as they roll by. In other cases, you don’t want overlap where a tower is hitting everything that moves in the same direction along the overlap.


The thing is, the idea has the possibility to cure the redundant aspects of the game such as layout, waves, etc. Mobile FB and Skull towers can aim to destroy tough barricades from a distance, making knights/spells not the only option for their destruction. So the idea solves what many veteran players complain about most.


A tower troll sounds less and less crazy the more I think about it. :slight_smile:

This is absolute insanity…


I like it :wink:

I would roll out a boosted Barricade… Just kinda, you know, sweep all the enemies into one place, then Swordrain them.

Or compact them between their own barricades.