Crazy Skullperk

Was this intended?

damn… 12% from a single item?? surely buy it and reperk it several times to get that
Lol I think, flare didnt think of this

Holy sh*t!!!
This is crazy. 12% … this mean 42% is reachable this will change everything. A must item !
Just wonder how much skull this will add :rr2villainscream:

a must have for everyone!

I am curious. Want to hear some reactions of all those players at 34.6 and higher.


A friend informed me that skull perk on cape was on left side. Since I forged mine on right side, I took the risk, spend gems for extra chests and bought that cape. Tried 2 times and indeed 6% chance on right side.

Bought a second one to spread gem investment (less cool downs to skip) and bingo. Also second skull perk. The ones not buying this cape will shoot themselves in their feet.

What’s up with finding ways to break the game? War raids are anyway significantly harder due to 5 skull perks which quite severely impair raiding, less spell perks/speed perks which means you are basically spending more every raid. Add to that a 6th perk which means speed is gone, so you essentially force people to raid with 1 speed, removing a critical perk and spending more on scrolls/revives.
Add to that a loss of forges, some have been forging for years! It couldn’t have got more ridiculous than this. So is the the roadmap? 40% sp 50% sp, all perks sp?

And if it was a mistake, you’ve probably delayed corrective action too much, players have already spent tons of gems to get the perk, I myself spent 1250+ gems to get 2x sp but I’m afraid this is another level of p2w.


Just new reality.

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But this will change a lot.

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This is a bad thing

War sets will now have one less perk to help on our raids,
and that’s also one less Pro item to give us bonus luck on Chamber of Fortune.


It might be a bad thing, but fact is that some players including me already have it. So keenflare can’t undo the change just like that, we bought festival chests with gems to get that cape, then spend more gems and pearls to get second skull perk.

I never have seen anything being removed from the game, so this cape should also stay.

I agree that adding an extra skull perk can have negative impact on war/conquest raids, especially now we lose speed or something else. So we should not get more skull perks introduced similar like this.

More Skullperks similar like this? :flushed:

And forge them 500x?:joy:


You never know, let’s not hope that belt or ring (the other 2 forgeable skull perks) also get an item with skull perk to left side.

Yes, forging them up would take a lot of time indeed.

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There should be a limit to skull perk of about 33.5 (34 if you want to encourage crazy forging, but not really necessary with all the new forging options), that way you can decide which 5 perks to bring on a battle (or 6 if you’re low forged). Hopefully this is part of the new war update.

Because otherwise it’s one of the most anti-player changes to the game, and increased the problem with easy normal raids and impossible war raids (now we coat your king in treacle!) and whichever dev implemented this change should stripped of their github account and spend the rest of their days programming in VBA. A few long term players have been quitting recently, and they’ll see this change and be thankful they don’t play anymore.

Oh, and it should have been a pro item, I mean who would use this item in original form? What imbecile takes a luck perk with them during a war raid?

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Nobody is forced to buy it, nobody is forced to use it… At least it will ‘add depth’ to warraids :wink: Now there will be a choice between more skulls and easier raids.

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What are you talking about?? Everybody needs to use it in high level without any exception


Or they should a maximum of won skulls in war raids at 1350.

But you are totally right: this item destroys the fun in war raids. it’s a step in the wrong direction. We will be slow as we were 3 years ago.

Many uses luck to get COF

It seems even capping would not be solution because people have already bought gems and spent a load of gems to get to over 40% sp, so even cap is now not a practical solution for this mess.

I can never understand p2w players complaining about this. Think about the calculation. These players don’t mind paying $100 for 1500 runes package when they don’t see any effect. They hold on to a level 5 runes that currently don’t do anything. They are perfectly fine with it, and will probably buy another 4 more package if it means they get a level 6.

Suddenly, when a new item comes out, and all they need to maintain the lead they had all these while, is also just another $100, but they cannot take it.

With the new bonus on gem package, with double the amount, $100 can get you 40000 gems. Just wait for the next blacksmith event, and 40000 gems can do 333 skips.

In other words, those pay to win players can maintain the lead with $100, by skipping and having a cape with 300+ forges, while all the free players will have a ‘reset’ on their cape.

P2W players pay to have a lead on other players, and it’s never permanent. The last item that had such an effect was the heal ring, which came out more than a year ago? The frequency sounds reasonable enough, and p2w players will have to pay (after more than a year) to maintain the lead, or accept the fact that their lead will be reduced closer to free players (just one item) in terms of skull perk.

p.s. emphasis added on the fact that despite Flare’s need to earn money, they are doing such a move after more than a year for p2w players to maintain the lead on skull perk. Sounds fair to me.