Create a Co-Leader rank for alliance

Make a Co-Leader rank for anything alliance

Thank you!

Bad idea leader should have the final say in things, if we had Co leader it could cause problems  



This is a leader responsability

Anyway only one member alliance will have this rank

Leader can demote if co-leader make problems



Thank you!



I hope co leader rank add in the new update

I think we Need some rank between General and Soldier DONT YOU.

Leader from any alliance will be able to choose one co-leader

This is my idea

I hope you understand

Thank you

co-leader and generals will be basically the same o.O leader and generals get the same powers except the leader can promote and demote other players. I don’t there would any use of co-leaders. But I do suggest a rank between general and soldiers. There are many jumpers and loyal players in each teams. But not everyone can become generals, so a new rank would help the loyal players to be a rank ahead of other newer players. I personally posted a thread about it and there had been many more.

Every alliance is different. I have played for many alliances and has purposefully joined low level alliances to be the strongest member. I have also played for very strong alliances in the top 100. I have been a leader of two alliances, general of many more.  At the moment I am a soldier and have settled with an alliance with very strong leadership (as the leader say what he is going to do - and then do it). I have tried many times to change his premeditated plans - but was never successful. I like that about the alliance leader called NeverAngelic and I know I can fully trust him to make the right decision. He has mentioned to me that he also would like a rank between general and soldier to reward his loyal soldiers. The reason I tell you this story is to emphasise the word " loyal".

I was also in an alliance where everyone that joined becomes generals. If the generals do not participate, they are demoted.  I was in alliances where the top players in wars and top donators are made generals. I was in an alliance with more that 50 members that only had a leader and no generals. How he managed that - I cannot tell (when I asked him about it, he said that I worry too much). I was in a few alliances where one of the generals activated a boost and the leader was very upset because it was not first “okeyed” with him. 

I think soldiers are promoted to general when the leader wants to reward them for victories , loyalty , their value , and sometimes when the leader trust a person. I have never seen a general leave an alliance (except for myself - I have done it but it was very difficult to do). 

I would like to be recognised in my alliance and be made a general. But if I am a general I am going to declare war and activate boosts. I would therefore not be a good general for a strong leader who know where he is going. I will then propose a new idea that should solve the above stated problem situation. When you open the alliance member screen and you are a member of the alliance also show the number of weeks the person is in the alliance. This will show loyalty better than anything else. If this option is there - I really wonder if people are still going to ask for another rank.

^^I agree with what Cobius said :slight_smile: