Create a Color Difference between Friendly and Enemy Healing

Currently there is a distinction between a King’s Healing (via spell or aura ring) and a Monk’s Healing. 

King’s Healing is Pink. 

And Monk’s / Blessings are Yellow. 

I like things being different. 


And currently the game has no distinction. 

I propose that all Friendly Healing be pink and all enemy healing is yellow.

Or if players want to maintain the difference between King/Monk/Blessing Healing Friendly Healings could be light colors and Enemy Healings could be dark colors.

I mean…sure, but it’s not really that important of a suggestion. Just look at your king’s health…that way you won’t be confused. You may not know this, but there is a difference between Pink healing and Yellow healing. For one, Pink represents Heal Spell type healing, but Yellow represents Blessing type healing. For nstance, you may have noticed that Tammy takes quite a while to fully bring your hero back to full health. That’s cause his ability is HEAL, like the Heal Spell. It’s a slower moving heal. Blessing heals you instantly, like the one you see from your Phoebe pal. It heals you and your troops instantly, but only a certain amount is stored in the healing, meaning you don’t necessarily go back to full health. As for Monks, they are a mix of blessing and heal, that’s why you see the hearts (which are typically seen around Heal Spell and Heal Aura) and a yellow circle (seen with Blessing) when the monks heal you! Monks heal you fast, but not fully (unless you have a big pack of Mad Monks haha)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:  


Pink represents heal from the King whether is be a Spell or a Heal Aura.

Yellow represents a Blessing or a Monk (either enemy or friendly!) 

Currently a Phobe Beast could dropping a Blessing and your King could drop a Blessing and you couldn’t tell them apart.

Simple rule: If it heals bad guys make it yellow.  And if it heals good guys make it pink.

Or any color convention that splits base on who is being healed.

This game shouldn’t be so freaking complicated that a veteran player like yourself can’t even explain the difference between different colors of healing in a paragraph! 

It’s not your fault!  It’s Flare’s fault!

I literally said this exact thing in my post. However, I do agree with you that it can be confusing when you cast a blessing next to the Phoebe beast

I still don’t see those words in your post, but there’s

no reason to argue when we both agree it’s bad. 

One color heals your guys. 

One color should heal their guys.

It simple and not-confusing too much to ask for?