Create a new league


I think diamond leagues are not interesting anymore, as the differences between the players is too big. I usually do between 30 000 and 50 000 medals in each league, (nearly) always end up in top 5, but there is always at least 1 guy who puts out a very big score (often there are 2 or 3). I only leave diamond league when I totally stop playing (usually on holydays), and then I very easily win all my leagues until I come back to diamond league.

If you look at my latest league (see screenshot), you can clearly see that the first has nearly 10 times the amount of medals of the third, and the league record is over 10 times his score. So the leagues are mostly won by high level players, who really play a lot the game.

When you consider the latest updates, the 375 gems reward is not really interesting anymore (as an example you need to win 27 leagues to unlock the last black smith slot, and during the 3 days of the league you get half of the reward with he daily diamond chests if you bought it).

So my suggestion is to create a new league, with higher rewards (and maybe longer time too ?) of course, that would be reserved for people ending first in diamond league. That way diamond leagues would be more accessible to players and more fair.

What do you people think about it ?

I agree with you, league is very messed up, trophies of the players, level of the players, etc is everything mixed in 1 single container that makes all leagues totally confusing.

I started to win Diamond League as soon as i reached 5k+ and i started to meet the firsts 1k medals players, then when i entered in top 1000, top 500, and few time also in top 100 i could get the medal boosts that highly increased my medals after the raid. It’s true also that the Diamond League is for high level players, most of time that a diamong league is won is always by them.

I suffered 2 years of this problem when i couldn’t ever win 1 single diamond league, now it’s time for me to take revenge in a way.

By the way congratulations on your league :wink:

Anyway putting out so many medals requires to really spend a lot of time playing.

I remember I won my first diamond league with 22000 medals, and managed to win an other one a few days later with less than 20 000 medals, now this kind of leagues don’t exist anymore…

It seems you share my view on the diamond leagues, but what is your opinion about my suggestion ?

Thanks ^^ However thanks the fact that now you can boost up your farms, you can get chests and find food not so often but sometimes, you can find it too in the chamber of fortune, you can spend vouchers and you do other raids, etc the time you do few raids you have already another 1 almost ready so sometimes you have some infinite food. lol

I think that they should fix all the leagues and not only diamond league, basing them on player trophies, hero levels and some other parameters to fight equal in every league. But i’m scared then to the fact that the league becomes too much challenging if i have 15 people of same range of mine, it’s not fun anymore even enter in it 

Already diamond league that lasts 3 days is long, for me at least, if i think of a longer league i’m not sure how much cheerful i can remain for 5 days for example of this new league or whatever how many days you wanna put on it…i mean i can’t wait that it finishes after a point.

The measurement now for diamond league is 50k medals if u are lucky,never for me to get it at 50k medals,the least 75k

in the other league I don’t have this problem : Bronze,silver,gold,etc… I am always match with level 20 or 30 lol and I have no problem to win. Since April same in Platinum League I am match with low level 20,30 or 40. They have no chance against me at all. In Diamond league its another story we are match with level 100,105,etc… no chance at all

the difference in matchmaking are so big. its good for me :slight_smile: but not fair for the others