Create a path

Hi all! Can you explain me how to create a path. Thanks!

On touchscreen devices tap on a path tile, then press/hold that tile and draw your desired path across other tiles. Now it should be displayed as a colored line. 

Red = longer than you may, obstacles in the way or self-intersecting path; Blue = ok so far but not “complete” yet; Green = Accepted (complete/connected, no self-intersection, not longer than you’re allowed to).

Make sure the preview is displayed green, then release your press and the new path should be created.


On non-touchscreen devices it should be similar, only difference finger / mouse cursor.


For a more visual example, take a look at some youtube videos, e.g. this one:

This is a basic question , not sure if its explained anywhere in the forum but you can just click a path square and drag it around to create a path of your own.However you cannot create a path on ruins.If there no further explanation needed than I will close this thread later

Seems like florian got you a very good answer , good  :slight_smile: