Create Inbox for Mail

I think you should create an Inbox players have access to. This accomplishes(could accomplish) 3 things.


  1. It would enable clan mail to be sent from the general/officers to communicate when donations for expansion or player activity (aka trophy counts) need to be picked up.

  2. Game updates/patches/events/announcements could be sent to player accounts so they are aware that changes have been made. This prevents mass confusion when we can’t figure out why things aren’t occurring regularly like they were the day prior.

  3. It would allow you to put a separate inbox tab letting us know when we have been attacked, the overall results, if we lost, if we won, how many trophies were lost/won, and by who (along with there stats).

Inboxes are a great line of communication for the players as well as the developers to convey vital information that the players want to know. 

Thanks for reading,



Agree with the above

also maybe add a global chat, and private chat rooms

communication methods are limited solely to alliance chat