Create normal rules of PRO league!

In PRO league there are no rules! It is possible to play from several accounts and for it nothing will be! But if you get close to a top you get under check and PRO league will ban. Rules work selectively and not for all! The rules in fact it is not! Attracted attention get banned if there is no play on with multiple accounts!

Many have several accounts! It is necessary for the help to alliance! My accounts were long before creation of PRO league. Without PRO league it is impossible to receive the new pet and I go for him, new about things not to receive too. Thus accounts become defective! It as accounts - disabled people. And they existed before creation about PRO leagues! About PRO league the right limits mine and my time and money which I have spent for their development depreciates!

Create rules of PRO league without prejudice to old players!

I ask to create rules which don’t infringe upon the interests of the oldest participants of a game! Create separate PRO league with awards, but without table of rating! To be able to participate in the PRO League and not cause dissatisfaction constantly complaining about life. And it is easier to create a system of rules than each time to infringe on the participants of the game! Your rules are created later accounts, respect it and do not infringe in their rights!

Modify the system of participation in the PRO League and unlock all who played from one device!

I’m sorry for my English.

And what about people who play from different phones, but the same wi-fi ??? :))) This is just unjust.

Yes, let them play what’s wrong with that? In life there is no justice and in a game to look for her too it is useless) 

If they immediately banned accounts was honest, and change the rules after a few years of spending time and money meanly!

I can’t save up for a dragon, I don’t receive new about things. What sense to play further? Let change rules, but don’t violate my rights!