i just wanna suggest that flare should make another league or make a league for players who already conpleted their 5 stars…because its really unfair for those who wnt to achieve it…whenever we go into diamond league,.all our enemies are high levels with conplete stars…they should not be able to play in that tournamnt because they already got theirs…make another league for them…so that all players who didnt achieve the max stars will stood a chance for getting it…thank you…

I agree with making league for those already have 5 stars

I agree with this. Usually players with 5 stars are always the ones to get the highest places in the Diamond League, so those who would like to win it for the first time simply can’t.

Also, what about making another league for Windows players? We can’t get free food so it would be fairer for us…


I understand what you are saying, but what after you win a 5 star league, will you want all those in the league above to be moved up again. Winning leagues comes with time spent in the game, both in terms of attacks and development of your king. It will come to you in time and … to be honest with luck, some leagues are exceptionally hard to win as there are prevalent raiders in them, but 50-60k trophies should see you place if not win in most.


thats why all 5 star player should not be able to join at diamond league…i understand your point…thats why im asking flare to make another league for them…just like diamond league…after the tournament i dunno if u join diamond again or return to lesser rank tournament…wht im saying is that they dont need the othr star on diamond league cause they already complete theirs…4 star player should face 4 star player…so the game will be fair to everyone…BALANCE or EQUILIBRIUM…the game should do that…the league for 5 star player should be different…

What about those having their 4th star? Sure, they will go to diamond next time, but afterwards they’re free to return to platinum league and win that again, or go even lower. 

Why not set up the league in the right method, that is all people with below and more 400 trophies or also depending on hero level (but putting more priority on trophies range for the league) ? I think it could work properly. Because it’s seriously crappy see low kings with 1300 trophies that beat you because since they have very low food cost per raid they can do also 400 medals per raid and is 800 medals in two raid while me in my case i raid people that give me only 500-700 range in 1 raid of people with 200 and over of food cost, and they can save everytime food if we have maybe to describe in little more details the food cost.

And same thing of high people, i met people with 6000 trophy range and i’m only 4500, isn’t it too much for me ? i mean he can do 1000 medals and over while i do the almost the half, how can be compared this system. The league is bugged in my opinion more than other things, and nobody complain about this, this why i’m still shocked of this brutal different of range between low and high players in leagues.

to balance the league flare should equalize all tournaments…1 star should face 1 star player…2 star should fight 2 str player and so on…in that case all players can compete equally…it is fun competing with other stronger players but lvl 60 facing lvel 43 in a league?..thats too much…thats really unfair

…i hope flare read this post and do action ASAP…

@ opelle…

good point dude…im in a diamond league now n im facing lvl 83 and level 90 player with 5 stars…im level 66 ATM…gaining 400-500medals in a raid…however that kind of level gap is too much for me to handle…i nees to purchase gems to compete with their medal…im currently at thirs while the other two is first n second…even if i purchase gems…they would still be able to,catch up…cause they do like 900-1000 medals per raid…really imbalance…bugged league…so dissapointing…

I, as a level 91 king, even only won like 4 diamond leagues or so. Of those four I must say that at least three of them were lucky, just because there were no high level players or they didn’t compete to win it. Even for higher level players it isn’t easy to win tournaments, so unless your playing 24/3, you will need luck to win them. Ive won a diamond league with less then 30k medals, but Ive also lost one with over 50k medals, so you just have to get lucky with who you are facing.


Furthemore, I don’t believe in levelling the playingfield even more. Just as high level bases and high level boosts, getting to five stars should be a tough job and shouldn’t just be given to everyone by making it easy.

luck? playing RR2 whenever my farm is full…i always join diamond league, im in diamond league for like 15times now…and u say LUCK?..come on…luck doesnt count…come to think of it if your lvl is low and your in diamond league and u earn like 400medals in a fight then u faced high level player with COMPLETE stars who plays 24/2…even one day without playing high level players can catch up EASILY compre to the low level playrs who plays 24/3…what im saying is levelling the field should be implemented…so the players who joined any kinds of league will compete fairly…there r some high level,players who joins 2 star league…how can a 1 star players compete with that?..luck again? the gMe RR2 is only based on LUCK???.

I’ve been in some lower leagues and watched some low players really rack up trophies, they are getting twice as many raids as I am per full farm and playing hard throughout the tournament, they maybe get free food or unlimited videos but either way they can make 60k+, which will place if not win many leagues.


and yes it is down to luck … there are certain 5 star players that most other 5 star players wouldn’t want in their league, tin, shyong, 77lotc, mischrieber, jimmi03 to name but a few, if I am in a league with them I’d consider it bad luck. 

I am ok with the current system. I spent about 450 gems(I got 375 back) when I won the diamond league. Feels amazing when u win against d odds. Just takes time I guess.

i agree  this one …

how bout players who cant affors to buy gems??..yes you won d league but u uses gems…meanwhile high level players won just by waiting for their farm to max food then raid again…tournament balance is all im asking for…

High lvl players all have high food cost (e.g. me, lvl 92, 218 food for 1 battle), so while they might gain many medals per fight, they can not do many fights. 


Low level players have a low food cost and can make many raids, but will gain less medals per fight. 



So what is the actual advantage of the high lvl player? Actually, there is none. 

Sure, the high lvl player is stronger, but he also has to attack stronger bases to get medals at all, and he has less battles from the same amount of food. 



Then, there’s a few top people that are very strong raiders (or spend a lot of gems for scrolling), can beat top bases and also are very high in rank, having a large medal boost. Those might be really hard to overcome, but let’s face it - they are the top people, most of them invested 1-2 years of time and a lot of effort and gems, so if they do win, it’s not that surprising actually. But more important, if e.g. 100 top people (out of 300000 players) are there, then the chances of facing them repeatedly in your 15-player-tournament are very very very small. 



Then, there’s the group of players that do either have unlimited free food videos, or buy many gems and food. Those will do countless raids (hundreds of raids on every day), getting many many medals and most probably winning their league (independent of their level!!). But those spending gems, actually spend more than they gain if they buy a lot of food, and have no real advantage of winning the league (if you pay 500 gems to earn 375 gems, you actually lost 125 gems). Those having endless food videos are just lucky, but that doesn’t have anything to do with their level. Both high and low lvl kings will lose against endless food video players.

Either way, if someone plays literally half of his day, he made a lot of effort, so in a way he deserves to win (even if the advantage of some being able to play so long thanks to free food, is of course still unfair). 



Anyway, you see most of the imbalance or different results is not due to different levels, but due to different behaviour or other advantages (independent of lvl). 



I agree, winning a league is PARTIALLY based on luck. Why? Simply because it depends on luck, which opponents you get. If you randomly get several top people or heavily food-buying/video-watching people, you probably will lose (no matter whether you’re a high or low lvl king yourself). If you happen to get non-active/less-active players in your league, or just unskilled raiders, or people that just try to farm gold for an upgrade and currently don’t care about winning the league, then you can win relatively easily. 


E.g. I have already won a diamond league with 20k medals, and I have already lost one with nearly 60k medals, and a lvl 40 king with 1.5k trophies won that league with 60k medals. 


And, just saying, I won many more diamond leagues a year ago than nowadays. Partially because my food cost for battles has risen very much, partially because in higher levels it’s very hard to get enough gold for your upgrades (which get very expensive), so you can’t just spend all your battles on a tournament (unless you belong to the few top people that already maxed out everything, which after over a year of active playing, I don’t belong to, not even close), partially because in higher levels the repetitiveness in raiding and bugs with the game made me be less active most of the time, because it became a bit boring… 

very well,said heroes…but i already know that…im not just posting anything hre just to make some useless post…ALL IM ASKING is balance in all the leagues…to mke it more competetive…ill repeat this one…

e.g. 1 star facing 1 star

2 star facing 2 star player

3 star facing 3 star

4 star facing 4 star and,

5 star facing 5 star players

u said that u won a lots of diamond league before…yes u earn a lot of gems…but the question is this…u already completed your 5 stars…whats the purpose in joining d.league when u already complete your 5th star???..gem?..too practical…

i dont care about those guys who got unlimited videos for food…because they exist already…all i want is to balance the leagues thats all.

Currently, any player with any amount of stars can fight any league. So why say to all those having won one diamond league in their entire RR2 life so far (maybe even by heavy spending of gems for being competitive, just to beat that league once), “ok guys, you are now not allowed to play any of the existing leagues anymore, you will be strictly separated and be put in quarantine into a completely different league with no escape!”? 


Also, is the poor guy that won diamond league once by either luckily getting an easy tournament, or by hard effort and much time spent on that specific league against stronger opponents, and now has 5 stars, equal to those guys consistently power-playing and winning every single of their leagues, 10 or 50 times in a row? 


Would you yourself even WANT to win diamond league for your first time, if you know you’ll get thrown into a completely separate pool of players permanently, competing with all of those that win all their leagues? 


Would you want to “punish” those having won diamond league once, and treat them differently from those having won e.g. gold or platinum league once? 



Thus, in my opinion, a fixed new league for all those having 5 stars is not a good idea. 



I’d rather prefer having a choice each time when your league has ended, to either join a “regular” tournament, or a “tournament without any silo-refills and food-videos enabled”. Then you can go for a “fair” fight with equal conditions if you like to, without some having unlimited food while others don’t. 

if youre suggesting that kind of leagues without silo refills or unli videos…then that tournament should be enable to all 5th star players…thats a good suggestion…but…all 5th star player should not be able to join diamond league again

theres no use in joining the d. leagues cause they completed theirs…

about creating another tournaments or league for 5th star player must be implemented…ill use your suggestion bout…u know why?..cause the tournament has bug…

when u join d.league then ur in the passing list…u will win 8 gems…after the league is only one option…which is “joining the league again”…there is no option which indicate “not joining anymore”…what if the war season is up?..then u want to get out of the league…so you wont attck on wsr to get skulls cause u want to get out of the tournament…

im not saying that they should create only 1 leaguee for 5 star players…there are thousands of players who are playing this game…u think they wil just create only 1??..