Crests & Castle Gates

Crests & Castle Gates.

Non Alliance players can not design a shield (i do not think they can) but many players would like to.

I also would like to see customization to players castles like their Front “Castle Gate”

I think for Alliances, showing the colors of your shield would be cool.

Also I love this Dungeon gate from Royal Revolt.

lol, one thing I just realized; I play RR2 on a PC not a phone so all those great FlareGame/KeenFlare animations & graphics

are much more visible than on a mobile. I know FlareGames/KeenFlare make mobile phone games, but gaming on a PC is still my preference.

plus I do not own a mobile phone.

This is a great idea. To change the suggestion a bit, maybe, instead of manually changing the way our gate look, I think the gate should change in appearance, based on the Landscape your kingdom is set in! For instance: In the Christmas Woods landscape, we’d get like Christmas lights on the gate or something

yes that is cool, thnx for the suggestion, the gate might even change to reflect which festival or event is on at the time they happen.