Criteria for Alliance Matchmaking- Conquest and War

As the topic suggests, I wished to know the criteria for matchmaking of conquest and war, if any were to know about it… What is the true system or algorithm behind it? RR2 devs probably dont seem to reveal their way of deciding which alliance is up against which one… But I hope there are a few players who have figured this out themselves and would like to share their views…

Is it?

  1. Trophy Count of the Alliance
  2. Alliance Ranking
  3. No. of players in the alliance
  4. How they performed in the last war/conquest
  5. No. of strong and weak players distribution
  6. Alliance level and alliance unit buildings’ level
  7. Random, there’s no system???

Your help would be really appreciated…

Alliance rank is the top factor, followed by previous Conquest scores (maybe only the last score, maybe the last 2 or 3 scores).
The last tier the alliance played in is probably the 3rd.
There might be more factors involved (HQ level? corner of the map?), but they’re not as significant.

Well actually the corner of the map seems to play a role in matchups, but sometimes an alliance is moved to another corner to make the matchups work in that map.

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