critical bug make war be suffering

There have been a bug for a long time,military always been trapped at edge of road, but normally only 1 or 2 beyond one attack. we take this for time.

But after recent update2.8 and 2.9, a more critical bug came out.Catapult 抛石车(sorry game changed to Chinese for a long time,I’m not sure what is it called in english),yes catapult 抛石车,the only useful unit to against long-rang tower or tower in the near road but can not attacked, the main force for broken gate, now it was trapped on the road, in Chinese it’s doing push-ups in the mid of war road, refuse to move any more. It’s happened 100% during every war attack , and 4 of 6 catapult well trapped, only 1 or 2 or na will face the gate finally. this bug extend 20s for each war at least.i can not win a higher  level player with good defense even using Athena.

I can imagine how it will be worse when 3 New buff active after alliance war,which is a big buff for defense. 

of course, there is video shows this bug. you can see 3-4 catapult doing push-ups at near road even there was cleared, no army to’s also slow down backwards unit. and finally there was no one catapult move and face the gate, you can found it in the top marks.



If im not mistaking, troops are more lazy than they did in the last version.

plz be noticed if you put on auto and you have lots of troops, only very few do the attack, the rest just " walking in the air", feels like there is no space for them to set foot on for attack .

Yes, have the same problem when using Trebuchets shown in the video above