Critical Bug - War rewards not working

Hello everyone,

There is currently an issue with the ongoing War which means that several balancing values are not working correctly. This means you will not be able to earn rewards in the current War.

We are very sorry for the problems caused.

We will shortly get back to you with information on how we will proceed.

Thank you for your ongoing patience.
- Your Olympus Rising Team


We have just updated the Server to allow you to gain War Spoils and Enhancements in the current War. Unfortunately, we cannot fix the issues with the incorrect War end time, or Strike lengths. All of these issues will be fixed in all upcoming Wars.

We will get back in touch soon, with details of compensation for the problems caused.


On Friday we issued an initial compensation of 1000 Gems. After assessing the issue over the weekend, we have decided to award an additional 1500 Gems to all players who were active during the War.