Critique my Defenses

So, I got tired of having my gate busted and spent the last couple of days focused on defense. Now I have three layouts that my players cannot beat on AP w/o invocations. The only two attacks I have received since both failed. I am still tweaking on it. I know the “L” gates on two of the layouts are a No-No, but they nonetheless appear more effective there than when tested at either end. Planning on replacing the Artemis with something better, maybe another Apollo. What issues or needs for improvement do you see?

AL 71
GK Perseus LVL 19
Troops: Alternating Hydra/Medusa & Cyclops/Medusa
All structures at max for Hero Temple LVL 8

The classic L-shape I remembered was always pretty good at lower lvl around your ascension lvl, where you have blessed ice towers firing across a double path, as the hero approaches the choke point of the ‘L’.
The nyx is no real problem at your lvl as it isn’t high enough health and you really need 2 in helios light to make them a viable option.
Many things can work at your lvl, as other players aren’t developed in many areas with powers/troops etc, just depends who you attacks you.

Yeah, I get feeling that things are going to start getting much harder pretty soon. I’m trying to prepare for it. Hope I’ll be ready. Trying to get real serious about forging. I can already tell my early stuff is too weak, but I suppose I can just roll it into something later.

Plus, I have been spending all my time getting Perseus up to LVL 20 and neglecting my other heros. I feel like that is going to bite me in the butt soon. I did join an alliance in the top 100, though, so hopefully that will help a bit.

The shape and format of your defense isn’t nearly as important as the strength of your towers and barricades (and the units you use in your waves). If you have any that aren’t max level for your Temple, don’t even bother asking for advice until you’ve upgraded them all. A hastily thrown together max-level defense will work better than a painstakingly crafted lower level defense.

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