Crypt of living dead, Is to hard, Help Me

Okay, I am level 37 And I have been stuck on the first crypt of living dead dungeon since level 34. I can’t pass so could someone tell me hot to get past at my level?

There isn’t necessarily a secret to it, you will find as you get stronger and get higher level spells it will become easier.

Is it possible to complete at level 37 without using scrolls?

mummy dungeon? try firestorm bladestorm and sonicblast. 3 offensive spells is good for dungeon.

it doesn’t matter what level you are, just how strong your troops/spells are. if you see less than 400 metals, then it is possible without scrolls.

at level 37 the raid would probably be closer to 200-300 medals for scroll free. as you level up youll be able to obtain more. im level 90 and can do 700 medal raids scroll free.

Yes but I only have 2 scroll slots

Everyone has only 2 scroll slots. 


Different from that, all high lvl and many medium lvl players have unlocked the 3rd spell slot (unlock cost are 600 gems), and I can tell you, having 3 spells instead of 2 helps A LOT on every raid in all of your future RR2 life. Unlocking the 3rd spell slot is the best thing to spend some gems on in the whole game, and is best done as early as possible. 

I can post a video of me doing the first mummy dungeon, And then you can help me improve, Right?

sure :grinning:

I’ll post the youtube link when it’s done uploading.

Here’s the link: 

:DHelpful List:

  1. Mummies are resistant to pierce, so Remove sword rain :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Palladian’s have a weakness to poison.

  3. I would say Add a different attacking spell or bring Heal

  4. There is a system to this… Your troops protect the King and the King protect the troops.


Oh, forgot, bring Hammer strike as an offensive spell if you do it helps with troops a lot and towers due to the 7sec recharge

Thanks i’ll try it.

  • Let your king run across bombs from bomb towers - then he will throw back the bombs (damaging the bomb tower, and saving yourself from taking any damage). 


  • As already mentioned above, paladins are weak to poison and relatively slow, so don’t use them against the mummy (dealing poison damage) dungeon. 


  • You might want to bring some sort of ranged troop (maybe cannon, or froster). Those fire from behind while staying out of range of e.g. traps, gargoyle tower or the mummies. Also, it is easier to build up a bigger army if you have some ranged troops, as they won’t just all run ahead and die at the very front. 


  • Mummies are resistant to piercing, and have a hidden weakness against blunt (and a weakness to fire), so bringing hammerstrike might help. Swordrain might not be the best choice here, as mummies, paladins and also archers are all resistant to piercing damage. 


  • Levelling up your troops and spells is important. Each additional level helps a lot! 


  • Generally, try to test and practice your spells (testing on your own base) a bit more.

Some spells (e.g. stun, swordrain, heal) have a larger range than others (hammerstrike, toxic cloud, firestorm), and some are instant (hammerstrike, stun, swordrain) while others are over time (toxic cloud, firestorm, heal) in their effects. E.g. you can run while firestorm is active, to hit additional targets with it, and then retreat immediately - once a target got hit, it will burn for the remaining spell duration, independent of whether or not you are still next to it. And you can cast swordrain earlier, when enemies are a bit further away or on neighboring paths, and hit them before they can even start shooting at you. Practicing the timing and use of your spells will help you become a better raider. Also, knowing the weaknesses of the hostile troops and structures helps - e.g. arrow towers and barricades are very weak to fire, making a firestorm spell very effective. Gargoyle towers, on the other hand, are resistant to fire, so those will barely take damage from a firestorm. 


  • Don’t unnecessarily stay in the range of hostile towers or troops just to wait for something (e.g. spell cooldown, king regeneration, morale buildup)! Either retreat into safety with your king to avoid getting hit, or actively do something (e.g. casting a spell, hitting some enemy with your sword, throwing back bombs). Also, retreat early to avoid dying while retreating, and to have some remaining health in case you have to run forward again for some important actions. When you retreat only when you’re already almost dead, you have no options left than running for your bare life immediately, no matter what happens. When you retreat earlier to regenerate a bit, you have the free choice of when and for how long to retreat, which will make the retreats and regeneration breaks more efficient (e.g. you can cast your spells, then retreat while they’re on cooldown, then run forward again and cast the next spells). 


Thanks for help everyone!

Gongrats on getting the mummy! very useful monster to have!


For future reference though, the way I beat the dungeon (and players) is I look for common weaknesses.

Good example is if there is Mummies, Cannons, Mortars, and Frosters as troops and there is also arrow towers and Firebolt towers then use fire spell as all those are weak to fire. It is always a good idea to look for common weaknesses in a defense and use good troops/spells that exploit that weakness. It works relatively well :slight_smile: