Crystal availability for new players

@CaptainMorgan When are crystals going to be more widely available? I’m curious because when I was in the process of linking my account to a new device (and therefore had to run through the tutorial) I noticed that Heracles has a few locked spots (2 spells and 1 unit I think, could be mistaken). One of them required ascension level 5! Now that is a ridiculous amount of crystals! I can’t remember what Heracles had locked before but it wasn’t nearly that hard to unlock. I’m trying to imagine being a new player joining this game right now and the idea of trying to level up these heroes just to get to where everyone else was at before the update is frightening.

How do you expect new players to actually want to keep playing? I recall you saying the next version is due end of March/early April so I hope it comes soon to help alleviate some of the frustration (and for long time players also!).