Crystals no oracle

. hi … i have a problem with the game. I spent 900 gems to have two offers of 450 gems to get the oracle crystals but nothing was given to me … can you give me the crystals or at least my thick gems?

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you dont get crystals by this, you receive favor for the heroes. look under info at the oracle there you should see an overview of your favor for your heroes and also (most likely) the probabilities % for the favor dropped corresponding to heroes.

edit: or did not you receive the favor?

forgive me … i use a translator … i didn’t receive the oracle’s favor … i bought 2 packs of 450 crystal gems, ma i didn’t receive the favor for my heroes … i checked but nothing

Hi, I’m ©Artemide© of the EliteGlaLord alliance. I ask for the return of the gems spent to buy the crystals, as by leaving the screen with the 5 Oracle slots and returning I lost the crystals and gems spent to get them. Thank you. 450×3

crystals without oracle 450x3 … plus the bug with arianna that after the update they lack power and unity

I’m … wrecker … Spartan alliance …

ok thx. then maybe you should contact ther customer suppert (also available from the buttom on top of this site).
good luck.